Turning off the Tube

As I posted earlier I’m a bit crabby today but with no good reason.  It’s just one of those weeks I guess but I’m an optimist so even though it’s only Tuesday I’ll say the week is almost over 😉

I’m still struggling with the temptations of wanting to eat out especially because I’ve felt so tired lately, and not just a little sleepy but exhausted.  This morning I started taking my vitamins again to see if that helps.  I’m also trying to get into a better bedtime routine, consistent sleep time, less TV and phone, more relaxing, quiet time.

Less TV time is something that’s been on my mind for awhile now.  I’ve toyed with the idea of planning one TV free night a week and I think I’m going to go for it.

I think know it will help me do more of the things I sometimes put off because I’m glued in front of Netflix or Hulu.  Even though I can do things while I’m watching TV I don’t most of the time….many times it’s simply laying on the couch, playing Farm Heros Saga and watching Nurse Jackie, Jane the Virgin, or whatever other show I’ve decided to binge for the week.  I usually have the best of intentions but this is what happens…..


There’s a giant list of things to do instead of watching TV but here’s the short list of things I want to accomplish with less TV time each week.

  • More reading:  I used to read all the time but over the years I began to read less and less until my recreational reading was limited to maybe a couple of books a year.  I want to get back into reading and I’m doing better but I think a night free of TV will help.
  • Promoting my photography:  This was part of my resolutions .  Less TV time will encourage me to work on setting up my Etsy shop, editing photos, adding to my blog and Facebook page, etc..
  • Cleaning:  Now this one doesn’t sound like fun but it needs to be done.  More of the in-depth cleaning chores like organizing closets that are complete disasters.
  • Writing:  I love my blog!   ❤

Plus mindless TV watching often leads to mindless snacking.  Unless I find something to occupy myself my TV time typically involves snacking or trying to talk myself out of snacking.  I think turning off the TV is one of many things I can do to help myself on the way into a healthier and more active lifestyle.

On that same note….I joined a wellness challenge at work to help keep me motivated.  The top 2 people with the highest percentage of weight loss get money.  It’s only a $5 buy in and it’ll be great to have support from the people I work with plus I love competition 😀

Meal Plan Monday will be back next week but this week is mostly veggies with pasta or rice for dinner.  Lunches are leftovers or fruit or salad.  Breakfast has become a necessary part of my daily eating so I’ve been experimenting with different foods for breakfast on the go.  I bought a big container of yogurt, so I’ve been mixing that with some chia seeds and strawberries in the morning.  Super yummy!

Hope the week is going well!  We’re halfway done and closer to a 3 day weekend! 😀



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