Wasted Time

I decided earlier this week that Thursday would be my TV free day but now that the day is here I find myself longing to turn on the TV.  This morning it seemed like a good idea but mid-afternoon I found myself dreading what I would be missing and wondering what I would be doing while my TV was off.

I decided to clean my apartment so I could just enjoy the 3 day weekend without having to deal with the usual chores.  Since I came home I’ve been started laundry, going through paperwork on my desk, and vacuuming yet I feel the need for that comforting background noise.  It’s like my mind is struggling without the ability to watch TV if I find myself bored with the task at hand.

I guess the TV free day is a good thing since I’m already discovering how dependent I seem to be on it.  Next week I’m going to keep track of how much TV I watch in a week.  Right now I’m thinking it’s at least 2o-30 hours a week but I’m scared to see the actual number.

I know I’m not the only one who complains about not having enough hours in a week so I’m trying to find out where my time is actually going.  How much time am I spending glued in front of the TV?  How much time am I mindlessly perusing Facebook or other social media?

I want to make myself more aware of where my time goes because I know I have more time in a week than what I’m actually using.

What could I be doing with my time?  What improvements could I be making in my life?  What progress could I be making on my goals?

I’m fed up with myself making excuses about why I can’t work out, can’t do more meal prep, can’t do more with my photography, can’t spend more time with friends, can’t have a clean and organized apartment.  I have excuses for all these things yet will spend 4 hours each night watching TV.  It’s kind of ridiculous.  tumblr_nvwyamsfzz1tb8iyko3_500

Tim Gunn knows the feeling.  I’m really just fed up with my excuses.

I’m still feeling tempted and I’m not sure I’ll make it the whole night but I’m going to take it one hour at a time.  I only have a few hours until bedtime and plenty to keep me busy tonight.  Dinner, writing a future post, laundry, and uploading more photos to Zazzle (I’ll share the link once things are a bit more set up ).  I’m just hoping to limit some of the time-sucking activities in my life.

Feel free to share your thoughts.  Any time-sucking activities in your life you’d love to get rid of or at least cut back on?  Any tips for staying productive and avoiding falling into the time-sucking vortex of TV and social media?




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  2. Dr Meg Sorick · January 15, 2016

    TV is my time sucker, too. Especially with Netflix and On-demand at your fingertips!


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