I did it!

The quote above is probably a bit much for what I overcame but I really thought I was going to break and watch TV (Plus I think I want to use the quote for my board at work today).  I can’t believe I didn’t think I could make it one night at home without turning on the TV.  Honestly even as I was writing last night’s post I was thinking I’ll just watch a couple episodes or I’ll just turn it on for background noise but I held strong.

I read several chapters in the book I’ve been reading forever and should have finished about 2 weeks ago.  I did some photo editing and explored options for selling photography.  I went through mail and piles of built up paperwork, did 2 loads of laundry, and cleaned.  It feels nice to know that when I get home tonight I don’t have piles of chores awaiting me this weekend.

Also, there was a point where I kind of liked it.  The quiet.

I feel like I may have slept better too, not that I was jumping out of bed with enthusiasm this morning but I did feel less groggy, although the extra energy could just be my usual “it’s Friday” energy 😀

The wellness challenge at work starts today and is great, although I wish more people were participating, because it gives some extra support.  There’s only 3 people in my building participating but we’ve already been talking about having healthy potlucks, sharing recipe ideas, and tips and tricks along the way.  It goes until June, which is a long time but I think it will help solidify the good habits.

Challenges like this often run for a month or maybe 2 so it’s just a short term “how much weight can I lose as quickly as possible” challenge rather than a “lifestyle change” challenge.

When I weighed in this morning to get my starting weight I realized I’m already down 6 pounds!  Just another 9 to go and I’ll be back where I was when I moved over here, still a little disappointed in myself but I’m back on track.

I was slipping back into skipping meals and not eating but just a couple weeks in and I’m back to eating consistently.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks.  I didn’t think I would ever be a breakfast person but now I need to eat at least a little something.  This week’s obsession is yogurt with chia seeds and strawberries, although this morning I mixed it up with some crushed almonds and a sprinkle of coconut.

A quick, random post for a Friday and I’m off to work.  Happy Friday!!!!!!!


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  1. Donna Maki · January 15, 2016

    When I can’t resist the urge to turn on the background noise, I tune in to a cable radio station.

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