The Weekend with No Plans

I’m going to whine for just a minute then I’ll have a post with information about how my budgeting has been going this week.

I woke up yesterday morning feeling exhausted but I knew I was heading to a friend’s place in the late morning/early afternoon so I didn’t want to lay in bed all morning.  I wanted to make breakfast and have some time to relax a bit instead of feeling rushed to get ready.  I didn’t feel very good but I thought moving around, taking a shower, eating some food would help.  I was just tired……

…then I threw up.  After much deliberation I cancelled my plans.  As I bundled myself up to walk to the store for medicine and a few other household items I received a text from one of my coworkers.  His wife was sick so he and the other couple that was going wanted me to go with them to a comedy show 😦  I had to decline.

I was so frustrated because most weekends I’m sitting at home bored out of my mind but this three day weekend I actually had the opportunity to do things other than lay on the couch but my body said no.

I’ll spare the gory details but just say I felt like my stomach hated me yesterday and I’m glad I didn’t decide to go anywhere.

I was originally meant to meet a friend today at a mall that’s a halfway point between where we both live but she had car troubles and we had to shift those plans to next weekend.

It just sucks to actually have plans but have to cancel because your body won’t cooperate.  I’m feeling better today but I think it’s going to be another laid back day then hopefully I’ll feel good enough and the weather will clear up a little so I can head out someplace for a walk tomorrow.  I hate to waste a whole 3 day weekend being sick.

I think I’ll just stop being sick and go back to being awesome 😉



One comment

  1. Layla · January 17, 2016

    You are awesome!!! But if you listen to your body and give it the rest it needs you’ll be even more awesome!!


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