Meal Plan Monday

I kind of feel like this is the lazy version of Meal Plan Monday but I was sick yesterday and still not feeling great today; however, a girl’s still gotta eat 😀

My post-airport hike went from “nothing too crazy” to an almost 6-mile trek through the woods around a mountain…..After the hike I developed a cough that continued into the next day so I decided to call in sick.  I was also so sore I could barely walk.  When I woke up Monday morning and hobbled to the bathroom I was trying to figure out how I would get to the doctor.  Thankfully the soreness and stiff muscles loosened up.  A bit of stretching and some ibuprofen I began to feel like a normal person again, still sore but at least I could walk.
I’ll have more on the hike in another post with more pictures but I was so proud of my step count that day! FullSizeRender (58).jpg I’m hoping I can start having more days over 10,000 steps because it feels really good to be more active.   Plus, the more active I am the less I’ll have issues with not being able to walk the next day after a hike 😉

The more I make myself get out to do things, the more I realize I don’t want to spend my life sitting at home in front of the TV feeling sorry for myself and whining about my boring life.  I’m still not feeling great today but when I thought about missing trivia it made me sad so I’m going to head out for a little bit just might leave early.

This post is a little bit of everything but back to the meal plan….

The lazy meal plan option is simply listing all the food I have to remind myself I have plenty of food to eat this week and don’t need to go shopping.  Flour tortillas and lunch meat are the only things on my grocery list for tomorrow plus some peanuts and sunflower seeds for the birds and squirrels.

This option helps with my budget because it reminds me I don’t need a ton of ingredients to make enough meals for the week.  I’m also reminded I don’t need fancy ingredients to make delicious food.  I still have a few things to pick up but will spend less than $25 this week on ingredients (items I bought or plan to buy in green text).  Many of these items like the eggs, flour tortillas, and pasta shells will carry over into next week.

Loaf of French bread ($1)
Spinach ($5-11oz package)
Broccoli (3 crowns-$1.50)
Eggs ($2.50)
Sweet potato (2-$1)
Spaghetti (Already on hand)
Pasta shells ($1.25)
Hamburger (Already on hand)
Flour tortillas ($2.50)
Turkey lunch meat ($5.00)
Lettuce (Already on hand)
Brown rice (Already on hand)
Frozen veggies (Broccoli and cauliflower)
Mushrooms ($2.00)
Cauliflower (not much but there’s still a bit left over from last week)
This next paycheck I plan to stock up on some meats like hamburger, chicken breasts, and fish so I’m going to be scouring the ads this week to see what kind of deals I can track down to save some money.

I’ll have a hiking post later this week once I get some time to go through pictures.  Hope the week is off to a good start for everyone!  I’m off to see if I can help lead my team to victory this week!  Last week was a rough week but I’ve got a good feeling about tonight!  😀


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