Meal Plan Monday…on Tuesday :)

Meal Plan Monday often happens on Tuesday.  I was just wiped out last night and feeling a bit queasy, which is how I spent most of the weekend.  I spent the entire weekend sleeping, although when I told a coworker he first said I was depressed but I assured him I left the house telling him,  “I did go out to feed the birds and walk over to WalMart”  At that point he basically called me an old lady XD

I finally broke down and made a doctor’s appointment this week.

It always takes me forever because I hate going to the doctor but one of my goals for this year is to get caught up on all my check ups and to make sure my health is in order.  I’m sometimes reminded that I’m almost 40….although it’s important to manage your health at all ages.

Work is having a healthy potluck this week to tie in with the wellness challenge.  I’m not getting too fancy because fancy is not my style.  I’m just going to bring in one of my favorite lunches, Tortillas with turkey lunch meat, cucumbers, and I’ll make some with red pepper hummus and some with whipped cream cheese.  I’m also going to make a big batch of sliced apples with cinnamon.

The meal is both budget friendly and easy to make.  I’m also going to bring in the recipe for the pasta with roasted red pepper cauliflower sauce from the Thug Kitchen cookbook since I’m not really cooking anything for the feast but want to share a healthy recipe.

I wish more of the people I interact with all day were more involved in the challenge.  It would definitely make it easier to stay on track but I’m trying.

Yesterday I had a frustrating morning.  I was downtown and I began to look for a coffee shop, then considered getting something at the cafe upstairs but finally I decided I wasn’t really hungry I was stressed.  I was stressed and looking for food to make me feel better but I was proud of myself when I instead decided to walk around for 15 minutes then head back to the office.

I felt better.  It took me closer to my step goal (I did amazing for a day I was mostly stuck in the office, over 9,000 steps!).  Plus I didn’t have the guilt of eating junk and spending money I don’t really have 😀

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend and the week is off to a great start!  I am committing to having pics up from last week’s hike up this week so look for those coming soon 🙂

The Meal Plan

M: Pasta with spinach and sausage-Pasta shells with a bit of olive oil, spinach, and half a leftover chicken sausage

T: Out for trivia…maybe

W: Rice with chicken and broccoli

Th: Breakfast for dinner-Sweet potato hashbrowns, eggs, and maybe a couple slices of bacon 🙂

F: Tofu Tacos

S: Quesadillas with a side salad

S: Slow cooker coup…TBD


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