Cougar Mountain

As promised, a hiking post 🙂

The weekend before last I had a quick overnight trip across the state and decided to fly.  This meant either I pay for parking or find someone to provide transportation to and from the airport.

Thankfully I have an amazing friend who lives not too far from the airport and was willing to drop me off and pick me up…..with 3 conditions.

  1.  I owe her a trip to the airport.  This is pretty standard in any friendship when transportation to the airport is required.
  2. I buy lunch, not one of the conditions but it was part of the offer in convincing her.
  3. I go on a hike with her and a coworker on Sunday after she picks me up.

My flight was only an hour so I figured a hike would be okay plus I was assured it would only be a few miles, nothing too crazy.  I don’t think either of us counted on an almost 6 mile excursion up, down, and all around through the woods.  By the end I was almost hobbling to the car and had developed a cough.  I was cold and wet (it started raining on the way back down) but proud that I hadn’t given up.

1 Into the Woods

There was a point where I thought I wasn’t going to be able to go on but I persevered.  I really did think they would need to just leave me on this bench and I would camp out until they came back, not a bad place to hang out but I knew I needed to keep moving.  1 A Seat

The trail was so much fun and there were great little bridges all throughout, some more stable than others.

1 Across the Bridge

One of my favorite parts was this little walkway

Phone Pics January 262Phone Pics January 284


It wound around the rocks and over a little bit of water.  I was grateful to the people leading the way who found the wobbly board so I didn’t end up in the mud XD




Overall it was a great hike!  It was part of a series of trails on Cougar Mountain near Issaquah, Washington.  I love it because it means there’s more great trails we can come back to explore.  We didn’t have much of a destination when we set out on the trail but wound up at Doughty Falls (featured image).  Not the most impressive waterfall but a pretty little scene.

I’m planning another hike for this weekend and will be researching some tonight.  I’m thinking it won’t be anything too intense because it took me 2 days to recover from the last hike.  That first day after the hike I could barely walk and don’t think I’ve ever been so sore but sometimes I think it’s good to be sore.  You get sore, you recover, and you’re reminded that you are capable of pushing yourself to overcome new challenges.

This last pic is another favorite.  Just a tiny waterfall 🙂  We’re almost to Friday!

1 Small waterfall


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