The Bad Blogging Friend

Okay, so I’m working on the hermit thing but when I saw the image I couldn’t pass it up.  

As I was scrolling through blogs to nominate for The Versatile Blogger Award I began to feel like a bad blogging friend.  I’ve been keeping up with my writing for the most part but not with my reading so I feel like I’ve fallen behind and missed out.

Scrolling through my feed then through the list of blogs I follow I was reminded of how many wonderful posts I’m missing out on by not reading.  I realized I need to be a better blogging friend.


No apology is complete without sweets, so cake for everyone!  😀

As I’ve said numerous times before, the blogging community really helped pull me through some bad times.  When I was unemployed I lost a big chunk of my social network, then some of my friends moved away.  I decided to start a blog and ended up finding a whole new network of friends who were relatable, encouraging, supportive, amusing, understanding, and the list of adjectives could go on and on…

I am still continuing on my transition and people continue to read (thank you!thank you!).

Part of my excuse for not reading as often is this whole job thing gets in the way sometimes and the hours I’m scrolling through my feed are different so sometimes I miss new posts from people.  That’s simply an excuse because I can go directly to people’s sites and I can read on my lunches or breaks.

There you have it, my public declaration to be a better blogging friend, to not only write but to read.  Plus this post lets you know why you might all of a sudden see a burst of comments and likes from me on your blog.  It’s just me catching up on what’s going on with you.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!  I’m actually feeling kind of amazing but that’s a story for another post 😉



  1. Ompong · February 17, 2016

    No problem, Daisy. As long as I’ll have my Spaghetti with spinach tomorrow! Hahaha! Just joking…. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sassyfitnesschick · February 17, 2016

    Haha.. you’re so cute. Life happens … and I don’t often have time to read as much as I want either =) No worries.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Layla · February 17, 2016

    I know how you feel!! No worries, I still love you 😜

    Liked by 1 person

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