A Midday Post

Just a quick midday update…I’m not feeling great today but I’m in this workweek hustle challenge on Fitbit and it’s making me super motivated. On Monday my Fitbit lost its mind and missed almost all my steps so I have a whole day to make up. 

It’s an office day for me so not very much walking but I did take myself on a walk around outside the office. It’s not a great area (it’s a little sketchy) so I might be exploring other lunchtime walking options. I’m also making myself drink more water. Office days can be boring and I find myself craving something to munch on but I’m resisting the urge to snack the day away. 

I’m going to enjoy my cinnamon apples and wrap with turkey and spinach then it’s back to work. I also found my new favorite snack/breakfast this morning: a whole wheat tortilla with peanut butter and banana. Yum! Rolled up then sliced into little portions, so delicious! 

Happy Wednesday! We’re once again almost at the end of the week, inching closer to the weekend!! 😊


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