Meal Plan Monday

I made a whole slow cooker full of pinto beans yesterday so you might pick up on a theme for this week’s meal plan as I attempt to eat my way through the leftovers.  I might cheat and bring some into work but I also have a plan to work in some creative recipes.

I was quite impressed with myself for how well the beans came out, especially with my improvised recipe, throw in a bit of this, a bit of that, and hope it all works out 😉  That’s just how I cook.   IMG_1826.JPGIt looks amazingly….brown and bland but trust me, it’s delicious.  Simple, hearty, and plenty of flavor.  I’ll definitely make these again, although it might be awhile because I think after this week I’ll be a bit burnt out on pinto beans 😀

Despite the rain I made myself take a walk this afternoon.  I spent the rest of the workday with damp socks but it was worth it.  I tend to forget sometimes but I really do need to walk every day.  For some reason, it calms me, it helps me think more clearly, it makes me feel less stressed, so whenever possible I will be taking a midday walk.  If I can’t get in a midday walk I’ll walk in the afternoon when I get home.

IMG_1853.JPGOn the subject of walking…..

It’s going to sound strange because I appreciate how the workweek hustle challenge is pushing me to walk more but I hate how it’s making me crazy.  I am a woman obsessed with steps!  Walking back and forth to the copier as many times as possible, taking random laps around the office, walking in place anytime I have to stand still, I’m starting to look a little twitchy, lol.  I’m also checking my step count and place in the challenge about every 30 minutes..or less, yes it’s getting a bit out of hand…..

I’m still going to push myself to walk more but I’m going to tone down my crazy competitive side, the side that will eat dinner late so I can get more steps to move ahead of the person in front of me, the side that will start walking in place at 9PM even though I should be going to bed because I know everyone else is going to bed and won’t get anymore steps so I have an advantage….yes, competition can make me crazy o_O

I’m going to try to keep the motivation and limit the crazy.

As I mentioned above the theme for the meal plan this week is…..Pinto Beans!  Some of the recipes are simple but I’m interested to try the pinto beans burgers.  I’ll let you guys know how those turn out, looks like one of those things that will either be delicious or disastrous.  Also, if anyone has any recipes to share my meal plans are very flexible 🙂

M:  Pinto beans

T:  Out

W:  Beans and rice

T:  Taco Salad with….pinto beans!

F:  Pinto bean burgers

S:  Pizza

S:  Leftovers

Another Monday in the books!  Here’s to hoping for an amazing Tuesday!



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  2. Mon ☠ · March 8, 2016

    Beans. Walking. Rain….. 😀

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