Hooray for Saturday!

I have not yet made it out to complete any errands and honestly, if I’m not dressed and out the door by 8:30 or so on the weekends the odds of getting anything accomplished decreases significantly.

I did do some adulting today, paying bills, filing paperwork, cleaning out receipts from my wallet, but now my motivation is waning and the couch is calling….


but I’m  going to try to resist the descent into laziness!

It’s tough because I really don’t feel like doing anything but when I feel like this I want to try to make myself do something other than lay on the couch.

I’ve heard of seasonal depression and I worry about that sometimes because although this is a beautiful area it’s a bit gray.  It’s gray and it rains, sometimes for days at a time.  I try to take advantage of sunny days and also make myself get outside even if it’s gray and rainy.  Around here it would be easy to use the excuse of “it’s raining” but then I would never do anything.


The original plan for tomorrow was a hike and I was looking forward to it but because they’re predicting a storm with wind gusts of 50 mph or more we’re going to make it a mall walk.

The more I sit here and write the more motivated I feel, maybe my coffee is finally kicking in so I think I’m going to enjoy one more cup, some breakfast, and head out to explore.

I keep meaning to check out the book store by my place and that sounds like fun (with a 1 book under $10 limit).  I’ve also been thinking about picking up a hummingbird feeder because little birds, starlings, jays, squirrels, and crows are not enough for my little balcony.  I’m not too ashamed to admit I love all the wildlife that visits my balcony, although I did see a seagull hovering around the other day and have to say that’s where I draw the line.


We might also see a movie tomorrow so let me know if there’s any good ones you’ve seen recently.

I really want to see “10 Cloverfield Lane” and had a chance to see it for free on Thursday night with a guy from my trivia team.  Unfortunately we signed up to go week before then both of us completely forgot this week so I missed out on seeing it and my friend will most likely not be interested.  I’m thinking maybe “Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot” or “Deadpool”.

Looks like my weekend will be walking and window shopping.  Any exciting weekend plans or unexciting weekend plans (sometimes those are nice too) ?  😀



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