In the Moment

Just a quick thought for a Sunday…

I look out my patio doors to see an amazing sky.  It was gray, cloudy, and rainy all day but at this moment the clouds are moving and the sun is attempting to make an appearance.  The first thing I do is grab my phone to capture a picture because if it’s not shared on social media, did it even happen?

Frustration washes over me as I struggle to capture the moment, the colors, and the true beauty of this sky.  The pictures don’t seem to reflect what I see in front of me (the closest one is the featured image).  I continue to snap pictures with little success but finally I put down the phone and step back.

I step back and sit down.  I watch the clouds move, the colors change in the sky, and allow myself to simply experience the moment.

I ran into this same problem on my walk the other day and while I love capturing moments I think I need to get better at experiencing moments.  I need to get better at simply allowing myself to be in the moment.  Life can feel so rushed most of the time that it’s nice to stop, relax, and just be.

Okay, so I realized that last line basically paraphrased Ferris Bueller so I’ll end with this…. 🙂



One comment

  1. Daisy Amber Blog · March 26, 2016

    Hi Daisy. Featured pic is beautiful btw, thanks so much for sharing. As a blogger I guess I will automatically try and capture moments, but this post does remind me that I do need to experience moments a little more too, rather than focusing purely on capturing moments. Great post. Sending lots of best wishes.

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