Adult Cliques 

Quick thought of the day….

I thought life after high school would have fewer cliques

But it doesn’t. Some part of me doesn’t care, another part of me is like, “Can’t we all just get along?” 


Wiped Out!

This week I was beat up in training, thrown to the ground, throwing people to the ground, bending, stretching, squatting, moving, kicking, punching, etc. Whew!  It’s been fun to learn all these new techniques but it’s exhausting.

I’m reminded that I’m not in great shape and I’m no spring chicken, although even some of the younger, in better shape people in the class were also feeling the pain.  I don’t think our bodies are designed to be thrown on the ground several times a day but the good news is I survived!  Also, *knock on wood* no injuries in our class!

The exhaustion makes me feel guilty because I don’t feel like doing anything.  A friend sent me a text this morning wanting to do something and I was tempted to set something up but had to admit I just wasn’t feeling it.  My body was in pain and I wasn’t feeling social plus James the cat needs some attention before I leave him again tomorrow.  My time feels stretched because I only have a short weekend to accomplish so many tasks, which means I have to decide how to spend that time.

I wasn’t a complete shut-in today.  As I mentioned my body is sore, to the point that getting out of bed this morning was a struggle because everything was so tight.  I decided since I only have a couple days to recover before I’m back into training that I would do whatever necessary to help my body heal so I went in for a massage.  I wanted a nice place but didn’t want to pay more than $50.  I found a Groupon then checked out the reviews online for the place and it looked good.

I’ve never had a massage before and wasn’t sure if it would like it or not but just my luck I loved it.  I thought it might be awkward but I found it to be very relaxing.  A few painful parts but it eventually felt better and I’m still sore but I recognize a massage isn’t a miracle cure; however, I do feel better.  It’s definitely something I’ll be splurging on every once in a while.

I can’t believe the day is almost over 😦

I’m going to make some dinner because living out of a hotel has made me miss cooking in a real kitchen.  I’m also going to be stretching and resting, just trying to prepare my body for more abuse this week….Just a couple more weeks!

That’s the phrase pulling me through each day, just a couple more weeks!

Hope the week went well and everyone is enjoying the weekend!  I’m going to try to catch up on some blog reading this week because I realized I haven’t been reading or writing.  My days consist of coffee, training, dinner, workout, study, relax, sleep, repeat, but I’ve only got a couple more weeks! 😉

The featured image really doesn’t have much to do with this post but it’s so adorable!


A Late Post About Being Alone

**I wrote this on Thursday night and even though it’s Saturday I still feel like it’s worth sharing, especially because I may or may not get another post written this weekend.  This whole living in a hotel for a week, coming home for a day and a half is already wearing me out.  Today it’s about laundry, napping, and cuddle time with James the Cat before I head back out tomorrow.  Have a great weekend!! 😀  

Thursday April 7

A quick thought while I wait for dinner…all alone.  It’s been less than a week but I’m reminded once again of how far I’ve come in a year or more. A couple years ago if I’d have come to a training like this, unless someone invited me somewhere; I would’ve stayed in my room.  I would’ve ordered food or maybe walked someplace but I definitely wouldn’t be sitting here in a restaurant, drinking a beer, and writing a blog post. *As a side note, how very hipster of me, lol*

I’ll probably have more to write this weekend when I get home but just wanted to write a quick post to share that thought. I’ve gone out at least 4 of the nights that I’ve been here either to eat or just to explore.  There’s a certain power that comes from knowing you’re okay being alone, if anything going through these experiences on my own is making me stronger and more confident.

My advice to everyone, especially if you’re afraid of being alone is to push yourself outside your comfort zone.  Go do something alone, see a movie, eat at a restaurant, go to a museum, find something you would usually do with someone and go it alone.  I’m not gonna lie, it can feel a little awkward but just like anything else new it gets easier.

Hope everyone is having a great week! Cheers to new adventures!

One of my favorites…A Black Butte Porter to celebrate National Beer Day!  

 The featured image is one of my favorites from this week and I hope to share more soon.  Follow me on instagram @daisy9979