Hotel Life & Getting Back to Normal

Someone will make your bed every day, clean your bathroom, empty the garbage, and make sure you never run out of necessities like toilet paper, coffee, and conditioner.  Yes, in theory, living in a hotel for weeks at a time sounds great; however, the reality is a little bit different.

Going into week 3 I was done.  I didn’t want to pack up all my stuff.  I didn’t want to leave my cat.  I didn’t want to leave my apartment.  This is not to say the hotel was not clean and comfortable with friendly staff because it was but I simply reached a point where I wanted to be home.

Maybe if it was the hotel in “Home Alone 2” that might be a different story.

home2balone2b22broom2bservice2bsceneOf course, it would have had to include Tim Curry as the hotel manager…


I really tried to limit my time in the room but since I did have to be there off and on for 4 weeks I did my best to make it feel more like home.

  •  I unpack everything and put my suitcase away.  This way I wasn’t digging clothes out of a suitcase every day.
  • I bought groceries at the beginning of the week so I had snacks on hand and was less likely to hit up the vending machine.  I was getting good at arranging the mini fridge.  The one week I had enough room for a 6 pack of beer (that I never even touched), a gallon of water, 4 pack of yogurt, lunch meat, Laughing cow cheese, cheese sticks, peanut butter, and a couple apples.
  • I avoid using the bed for eating meals.  I know some people would talk about a “bed picnic” but I just use the desk and reserve the bed for sleeping.
  • I wasn’t afraid to ask for changes.  The first week I was on the first floor and felt weird opening my windows because the parking lot was right there so when I went to check out that week I asked to be moved up.  The fourth floor was much nicer plus I get a little workout every time I go to my room.  I was proud of myself for only using the elevator when I checked in and checked out.
  • I clean up after myself.  Just like at home I take 5-10 minutes before bed to put stuff away, lay out clothes for the next day, prep my coffee, plan breakfast, and make sure the place isn’t a total disaster.  I usually just put out the do not disturb sign so the housekeeping staff didn’t have to try to clean around all my stuff.

One of the biggest downsides to my hotel stay was boredom.  I did my best to keep myself entertained but unfortunately boredom led to some mindless eating.  I really had the best of intentions to stay on the healthy eating track during my trip but when you’re eating out for almost every meal it’s tough.  The good news is I’m back home and getting myself back on track.

I’m off again for a quick weekend trip then I’m really back home for a bit so back to regular posts including meal plans.  After not being able to cook for weeks I kind of missed it so I’m excited to get back to planning my meals and cooking new foods.

Hope everyone is doing great!  I’m continuing to catch up on my blog reading and appreciate all the readers sticking with me over the last month or so while everything has been a bit chaotic.

Happy Friday and Have an AMAZING weekend!

To end this post I’m sharing my new favorite happy song!  “Dance, dance, dance….”


If the video doesn’t work check out Justin Timberlake’s new song, “Can’t Stop the Feeling”



  1. One More Shot Please · May 15, 2016

    Sounds like the life, but coming back home has its pros and cons. Familiarity with your surroundings is what changes up every experience. Did you not go sight seeing?

    Liked by 1 person

    • Daisy9979 · May 16, 2016

      I did do some sight seeing but looking back I could’ve explored the area a bit more. Some days the training was so exhausting I just wanted to hibernate. It was definitely a great experience and living in a hotel did have some perks but I enjoyed finally coming home and the ability to cook 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      • One More Shot Please · May 17, 2016

        Definitely! Home is where the heart is. You can always go back strictly for a vacation and roam around some more to cover what areas you missed last time.

        Liked by 1 person

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