Successfully Adulting

I bought a couch!  IMG_2775As I was wondering through the furniture store I was wondering why every couch I found comfortable was brown.  I just didn’t see myself with a brown couch, gray or black maybe but not brown so I was thrilled when I heard this one came in red.  It was comfortable, affordable, and it came in a fun color.

I did have doubts about buying a red couch because I was worried about what people might think…….. 😕  As if society condemns people who buy bright colored furniture and honestly it’s burgundy, so not too crazy, lol.  I didn’t like the pillows it came with so I threw my leopard print pillows on there and LOVE IT!  It’s very me.

Plus it’s cat approved…IMG_2776

Continuing on with my trend of successful adulting I threw out a bunch of old makeup and bought a couple new items.  I was treating my makeup like clothes, even the stuff I bought, tried, and didn’t like I thought I might wear it someday…..even if I did want to wear it most of it was way too old to hang onto anymore plus if I’m in a situation where I need more glitter eye shadow I’ll spend the 99 cents 😉

It’s part of the cleaning process I’m getting ready to start.  While most people are boating or barbecuing for the holiday weekend I’m going to do some serious cleaning.  I’m coming up on the one year mark in my new place and instead of organizing the stuff I had I’ve simply started accumulating more stuff so it’s time for a purge.

I have a new bed, a new couch, solid plans to clean and organize this weekend, so going forward with the theme of change….

IMG_2779That’s right.  I joined a gym today.  It’s not the best but it’s better than I thought it would be for only $10 a month, plenty of machines, friendly people, and it’s clean so I didn’t let myself think about it too much.  I even set up my fitness consultation for later this week so I wouldn’t put off getting started.  Tomorrow is trivia but I already have a bag of workout clothes ready so I can go right after work on Wednesday.  One of the best parts is the gym is less than a mile from my work so distance is not an excuse I can use.

I’m not very happy with my body right now so I’m looking forward to getting back into working out and finding that happy place again 😀

It’s a time of change once again but that seems to be my life right now, constantly changing for the better!  inspiring


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