Meal Plan Monday

Last week I really struggled with making dinners but did great with lunches.  I struggle to do both successfully but I think I’m getting closer to actually being someone who eats 3 meals a day plus snacks.

I know I was promising to not go to the store at all but I realize some items I need to buy weekly.  I just have to make a list of specific items rather than wandering in with a vague idea of what I need to buy because then I go into Target to buy curtains and walk out $40 later with curtains and 10 other things I didn’t really need.

On the subject of curtains it’s only taken me a year to finally get some curtains up in this place.  Part of my motivation is to block out some of the sun because this little apartment heats up quickly once the sun starts shining in so one step in my “stay cool this summer” plan involves curtains.  The other part of the plan is fans.

Yesterday I had to make a grown up budget decision when I told myself I could either buy a new shirt or a fan….I chose the fan and today I am grateful for that decision.

I don’t have much else to write about today, just wanted to make sure I did my meal plan for this week.  I’m feeling a bit lazy today because I didn’t go to the gym but I’ll go Wed-Friday and maybe Saturday, unless I find a hike for the weekend.  My hiking buddy is out of town but I might find something close and not too tough to do on my own.

That’s all I got!  Happy Monday!

M:  Quinoa and Freekeh Salad-Bought this at Costco to try something new so I think it’s time to give it a try.

T:  Trivia Dinner

W:  Chicken and brown rice with broccoli

T:  Chicken Tacos

F:  Pasta with sausage

Hikes and Exotic Snakes

I missed Meal Plan Monday and definitely felt it this week because I struggled with dinners so I need to make sure I put together a plan this week.  On the bright side I brought and ate lunch every day this week plus breakfast has also been consistent.

I’ve also been working out more, which I now remember makes me hungry more often so I’m constantly snacking.  I’m reminded eating more while eating better=feeling better and losing weight.  Plus I’m trying to stay as active as possible.

Last weekend I went on a hike to this amazing waterfall, Twin Falls in North Bend, WA


It was a beautiful hike with great views.  Challenging but still manageable.  That was on Saturday last weekend then Sunday I did next to nothing other than explore Costco.  This week I made it to the gym 3 days.

Yesterday I went on what ended up being one of the most challenging hikes I’ve ever completed, Wallace Falls (see featured image).  There were 3 viewpoints, lower, middle, and upper with each section of the trail becoming more difficult as we climbed.  Once we reached middle falls I was happy with our accomplishment plus I was intimidated by the switchbacks I watched people climbing to the upper falls.  My hiking buddy had a sudden burst of energy and said “Let’s go!”  Being a gluten for punishment and one to not back down from a challenge I fell in line behind her.


“More difficult” was right…IMG_3259

Yes, there are stairs….for giants.

Also, it may not show in the pic but everything is wet and slippery.  I did slip once on the way down right in front of a group of people.  We stepped off the trail to allow people to pass, I thought I could take one more step, caught a root just right, and down I went!  Oops!  Now I wonder why my knees are so angry with me today.

Breathing heavy and legs aching I found myself wondering why we were climbing to the upper falls but on the way back down I felt it….the feeling of accomplishment, the badassidness as I described it to my friend.  It’s the amazing feeling you get when you do something you didn’t think you could do and I was happy.

Today I’m sore but the good news is not as sore as I thought I would be or as sore as I’ve been in past hikes.  This reminds me that even though I’m not losing tons of weight, working out and hiking more consistently are helping me become healthier.

On the way back we drove past a Reptile Zoo and decided it would be fun to make a spontaneous pit stop, as long as the admission fee was under $10…it was $8 so in we went.  I have a love/hate with zoos because I love to see the animals but I hate to see them enclosed, kind of makes me sad.

These two were my favorite.  The albino alligator was very cool but I wanted to set her free.

It’s been a fun weekend that gets to continue for one more day because I had a personal holiday to use before the end of the month so I just picked a random day.  It’s going to be spent cleaning and organizing, as well as creating meal plans.

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend!  😀

I’ll also be editing and sorting photos from the last two hikes.  I should have some up on here but mostly on Facebook and Instagram @daisy9979

Costco for One

I made my first solo trip to Costco today.  I was so excited then when I actually got in the store I felt overwhelmed.  As a single person who lives alone buying in bulk can feel excessive but as I break down costs I realize it’s a good idea.

I would say I go to the store at least twice a week and all those little trips add up because I’m an impulsive shopper.  I very rarely go into the store for one thing and walk out with just that one thing….it’s usually buying 12 things and I forget the one thing I actually needed, lol XD

As I threw items into the cart my panic began to increase because I realized how much money I was going to be spending.  I knew before arriving it would be over $100, knowing you’re going to be spending that much money is one thing but when faced with the reality it’s different.  I resisted a impulse buys along the way.  The only one I allowed was this nifty lunch box for only $10

It has ice packs to help keep food cold and I figured it was a good investment since I’m going to be making more lunches.  It’ll also be good to take on hikes.

When I came home I needed a place to put all my overstock so it forced me to do some cleaning.  Now I have all my overstock bathroom products in a tote in the hall closet.  I write the month and year of purchase on everything.  This helps me determine how long it lasts and if it’s a good buy.  For example, contact solution is about $18.00 for a 2 pack of big bottles and the last time I purchased it was in December and I’m just now almost out.  Buying at Walmart is about $8.00 and I would have to buy it about every 2 months.

Deodorant, face wash clothes, q-tips, body wash, and toilet paper are some of the items I picked up today that I think will save me long term.  I was surprised to see the q-tips are the 675 pack  instead of the 325 pack so I think it’ll be next year before I need to buy more.  I think this will be a good way for me to save money even if I did feel a bit like a crazy hoarder stacking up rolls of toilet paper in my closet, lol.    I’m also going to look into laundry detergent and cleaning supplies.

Right now I’m boiling some eggs so I’ll have them for breakfasts and lunches this week because I’m getting back on track with working out so I’m also tightening up the budget again.  This trip to Costco today was part of that plan because I think it will reduce the number of trips to the store during the week.

We’ll see how it goes.  My goal is to only make 1 trip to the store over the next 2 weeks, and hopefully this will lead to more savings.

Feel free to share any tips you have for Costco shopping, things you find are a good deal, things that aren’t a good deal.  I’ve always shopped with someone else when I’ve gone to Costco so shopping on my own is a new thing for me so I’d love to hear any tips 🙂

Hope everyone is enjoying Sunday.  It’s a beautiful day here but my hike in the rain yesterday (post to come soon) has left me feeling like a cold might be brewing so I’m trying to take it easy today.  Time for lunch and a nap!