Get Moving!

I woke up this morning feeling discouraged.

I sometimes struggle with inflammation in the cartilage in my chest.  It’s called costochondritis.  I may or may not have wrote about it before but it basically causes me to have chest pains that make me think I’m having a heart attack without any other symptoms.  It’s not fun and still scares me when it gets bad.  I discovered I had it when I went to the doctor years ago thinking I was having a heart attack.

Thankfully an EKG and a visit to a cardiologist cleared up all my concerns and confirmed the diagnosis.  Most of the time it’s not a problem but sometimes when I overdo it or perhaps begin an exercise program after not having worked out consistently for a few months it flairs up.  This morning was bad to the point I almost called in sick but knew we were short handed so I iced and ate some ibuprofen.

I survived and will do more ice tonight in an attempt to avoid pain tomorrow because I did go to the gym after work.  I skipped any strength training I had planned and just did some cardio, which leads to the good news….

I’ve met my step goal 3 days this week, even on trivia Tuesday I was able to get in 10,000 steps.  It meant pacing in my apartment for 30 minutes after I got home but I met my goal 😀IMG_2836

Gym days I’m getting in 12,000 steps.  I still can’t catch up to a couple of competitors in the Workweek Hustle Challenge but I’m climbing the ranks.  I’ve been consistently in the bottom 2 and this week I’m in 3rd but need another day to catch up to the top 2 who are about 9,000 steps ahead of me.

Have I mentioned how good it feels to be back in the gym?

I’ve surprised myself with how much I enjoy this new routine.  Get off work, go to gym, go home, make dinner.  Sounds a little boring but I love going to the gym after work.  I think it’s because I’ve never had that regular schedule that made it easy so now that I do I feel like I have to take full advantage of it.  I feel excited about the gym again and enjoy leaving work saying, “I’ve got to get to the gym.”

It might sound like a vanity thing but honestly the more people I tell the more I feel accountable.

I can’t tell people I’m going to the gym then not go….well, I can but I wouldn’t feel right about it plus as I said above I’m actually enjoying the gym.  Not only do I feel a sense of accomplishment but 45 minutes on the treadmill watching Judge Judy and the news while listening to loud rap music is a tension release for me.

This was my step count then I talked on the phone with my mom for an hour while pacing so I’ll be ending the day over 15,000 steps and 6.2 miles, not too shabby 😉  IMG_2837A guy in my office also bought a FitBit so now we can challenge each other.  My mom is also into the step challenges and has met her goal for 22 days in a row!  Go Mom!  It’s nice to find people who have similar goals.  Our goals all vary but the core component to all our goals is to GET MOVING!  Pick a goal and find ways to walk more in the day.  I’m hoping to move my goal to 12,000 steps in a couple weeks but I’m trying not to rush and have to remember to take it one day at a time.

Hope everyone is having a great week!



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