Lunch Time

As I mentioned previously I struggle with eating lunch consistently, actually it’s not the eating lunch that’s the problem instead the problem is eating a healthy lunch.  If I don’t pack a lunch I end up eating out, which costs money and also typically adds up the calories.

My mission for the upcoming weeks is to come up with easy lunches and backup plans for when I forget my lunch.  I’m going shopping tomorrow to pick up a handful of things for lunches for this week, mostly wraps and fruit.  Next week I’m going to actually plan out the lunches here with my dinner meal plan.

The other part of my plan is to create some brown bag lunches I can keep in my office as back up lunches so I’ll be looking for items that don’t need refrigeration or a microwave.  I’m thinking things like tuna and crackers, maybe fruit cups, and I’m open to ideas 🙂

A stomach bug kept me out of the gym on Friday and Saturday.  Today I spent some time in the pool (Note to self:  Next time, use more sunscreen) and went for a walk with a friend to the mall so wasn’t just crashed out in front of the TV.  My friend is in the same boat as me, the boat where we ate too much and are now struggling with weight gain, so she’s open to weekend activities that keep us moving.  Also, she’s competitive so I told her I would start texting her when I’m at the gym to help keep her motivated.

It’d be nice if we could work out together but we’re just far enough away with traffic that it’s not plausible during the week but we can still help keep each other with motivation.

My bag is already packed with gym clothes so I’m ready to start the week off on the right foot!  The other part to that is getting to bed because I was out sick on Friday I’m sure I’ll have plenty to catch up on tomorrow.

Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!  It was a hot one here on the west side of Washington and I’m so grateful for the breeze coming through my apartment right now.  Earlier it was at least 90 degrees in here so I might stay up just a bit longer with all the windows open to let the place cool down because earlier I felt like this…..



  1. youmeanme · June 6, 2016

    A woman I worked with used to always have instant oatmeal packs at her desk.
    Not as healthy but I used to have kid packs of crackers and fake cheese, granola bars and the occasional trail mix bag at work.

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    • Daisy9979 · June 8, 2016

      That reminds me I need to replenish my stash of oatmeal, great to have for an easy lunch or breakfast. Thanks for the ideas! I actually picked up some of the kid packs of crackers and cheese because it’s healthier than many options and easy to carry with me when I’m traveling for work 🙂

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