Weekend Wrap up

Last week I walked 79,127 steps.

That’s 32.96 miles.

I went to the gym 4 days last week.

I had 271 active minutes. (Periods of moderate activity for 10 min. or more)

I came in 5th in the Workweek Hustle Challenge but I had 11,477 more steps than the previous week and I only missed 4th place by 35 steps.

By the time I arrived home on Friday night I was feeling it a little bit.  My feet and legs were sore plus I just felt tired.  I almost cancelled my plans for Saturday but a good night’s sleep and a few cups of coffee had me ready to go.

A friend and I went to a Farmers Market in her town.  It was tiny with only about 6-7 booths, definitely not the sprawling event I was expecting but we checked it out then walked down by the waterfront to get in some steps.  The weather said rain but the sun stayed out and it ended up being a nice day to be outside.

We took a trip to Costco and as an employee she gets free memberships for a certain number of people, so I was selected as one of those people.  Yay!  I picked up a few things yesterday but plan to go on a field trip during the week just to see what’s available and what items would be good for me to buy in bulk.  When you’re single buying in bulk seems overwhelming but some items it makes sense plus many perishables can be frozen.

I’m working on my meal plan for this next week and plan to have that post up tomorrow night.  Pasta salads are what I’m craving so I bought some ingredients and I’m going to be experimenting.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!  As usual, I feel like it went by way too fast but I’m ready to start the week.  The sooner we get into it the sooner we’re back to the weekend! 😉   I’m off to enjoy watching the Tony’s.  I love musicals and with James Corden hosting it should be a great show.


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