Costco for One

I made my first solo trip to Costco today.  I was so excited then when I actually got in the store I felt overwhelmed.  As a single person who lives alone buying in bulk can feel excessive but as I break down costs I realize it’s a good idea.

I would say I go to the store at least twice a week and all those little trips add up because I’m an impulsive shopper.  I very rarely go into the store for one thing and walk out with just that one thing….it’s usually buying 12 things and I forget the one thing I actually needed, lol XD

As I threw items into the cart my panic began to increase because I realized how much money I was going to be spending.  I knew before arriving it would be over $100, knowing you’re going to be spending that much money is one thing but when faced with the reality it’s different.  I resisted a impulse buys along the way.  The only one I allowed was this nifty lunch box for only $10

It has ice packs to help keep food cold and I figured it was a good investment since I’m going to be making more lunches.  It’ll also be good to take on hikes.

When I came home I needed a place to put all my overstock so it forced me to do some cleaning.  Now I have all my overstock bathroom products in a tote in the hall closet.  I write the month and year of purchase on everything.  This helps me determine how long it lasts and if it’s a good buy.  For example, contact solution is about $18.00 for a 2 pack of big bottles and the last time I purchased it was in December and I’m just now almost out.  Buying at Walmart is about $8.00 and I would have to buy it about every 2 months.

Deodorant, face wash clothes, q-tips, body wash, and toilet paper are some of the items I picked up today that I think will save me long term.  I was surprised to see the q-tips are the 675 pack  instead of the 325 pack so I think it’ll be next year before I need to buy more.  I think this will be a good way for me to save money even if I did feel a bit like a crazy hoarder stacking up rolls of toilet paper in my closet, lol.    I’m also going to look into laundry detergent and cleaning supplies.

Right now I’m boiling some eggs so I’ll have them for breakfasts and lunches this week because I’m getting back on track with working out so I’m also tightening up the budget again.  This trip to Costco today was part of that plan because I think it will reduce the number of trips to the store during the week.

We’ll see how it goes.  My goal is to only make 1 trip to the store over the next 2 weeks, and hopefully this will lead to more savings.

Feel free to share any tips you have for Costco shopping, things you find are a good deal, things that aren’t a good deal.  I’ve always shopped with someone else when I’ve gone to Costco so shopping on my own is a new thing for me so I’d love to hear any tips 🙂

Hope everyone is enjoying Sunday.  It’s a beautiful day here but my hike in the rain yesterday (post to come soon) has left me feeling like a cold might be brewing so I’m trying to take it easy today.  Time for lunch and a nap!





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  2. briana1010 · June 19, 2016

    With cooking for only 1-2 people, I find it really difficult to buy any actual food at a warehouse club, but I’ve found that chicken is a great buy because the large package comes with 5 individually wrapped chicken, each about 2-3 servings. I freeze the whole thing, then take out about 1 smaller pkg a week.


  3. koolaidmoms · June 19, 2016

    I find that laundry detergent in our area with coupons, on sale is a better buy at the grocery store. But, I love Costco. We used to have only BJs or Sam’s Club but moved to an area with a Costco and think it is amazing!


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