Relaxing Weekend

The last few weekends I’ve stayed busy and active, hiking and spending time with friends, so this weekend I’m enjoying some down time.  For some reason doing nothing leaves me racked with guilt, as if by stopping for one weekend I’m allowing myself to descend back into sloth mode.  05151c6772caad397101f81e0d2df644ac288d-wmIt’s just for the weekend but I think it’s a good sign feeling restless and lazy for not doing anything.  I think it means I’m getting used to being more active but sometimes even the most active person needs a bit of down time.  Also, I tweaked my knee a bit hiking last week so it needs some rest because I continued to push myself during the week because of my lovely/evil Fitbit, which I’m struggling to ignore this weekend.

I’m in challenges every day of the week and I need a break.  During the week it’s the Workweek Hustle Challenges then comes the Weekend Warrior Challenges on the weekends.  I spend all week trying to get the most steps in 5 days then I spend the weekend trying to get the most steps over the 2 days of the weekend.  In most ways it’s good for me to push myself but sometimes I just want to stop and not worry about the steps so that’s what I’m doing this weekend.

I will go to the gym or find a short hike tomorrow because I don’t want to stop completely.  Tuesday will mark the start of my 5th week going to the gym and I’m definitely feeling better but just have to keep an eye on my eating.  In the past I used an app to track my eating so starting tomorrow I’m going back to using it.  Last time it served as a great kickstart to help me better understand how much food I was eating or not eating during the day.

I am going to take a quick walk today to return a movie.  If you’re looking a cute and fun movie to watch this weekend, Zootopia is awesome.  It’s the first movie I’ve watched in a long time that I wanted to buy after I watched it because it was so good.

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend!  I’m excited knowing I can sleep in again tomorrow especially because this will probably be me tonight….alkqqzv_700b


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