Still here….

Hopefully I can get in some writing tonight! Feels like things just got busy…

Went to a baseball game 

Felix Hernandez who plays for the Mariners was playing for the minor league team while he recovers from an injury so that was cool. 

I’m learning how to use Snapchat…in case anyone needs a laugh….

I’m trying new things at work, taking on more responsibility, and thankfully still loving the job. It has its minor frustrations but I work with great people (mostly) and everyone is willing to work together (except for one guy). I’m still just trying to figure out exactly what direction I want to take with my career but I know learning different areas of the job is a must for promoting. 

That’s all for now. I had a few (30) minutes while I’m waiting to meet someone. It’s not enough time to move onto the next task of the day, especially because I have to move to different buildings, so figured I would write a quick post. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the week!!! It’s almost Friday!!!! 


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