The Holy Grail

My best friend, whom I love and adore, continues in her efforts to push me into the dating world.

I continue to resist.

I’ve written about dating before and I keep thinking soon I’ll be ready to jump into the world of online dating but each time I try I find my heart simply isn’t in it.  I’m not opposed to meeting people and my confidence is good but I just keep hoping for something more organic.  I keep hoping for a connection with a person in the real world but in the dating world this is like a quest for the holy grail.


Hanging out last weekend my phone was highjacked and Bumble was downloaded.  The latest in the line of online dating apps, Bumble places the power in the hands of the woman.  Woman look through pics and a short bio then swipe left for no, right for yes.  If the guy also says yes then there’s a connection and the woman makes the first move to start a conversation.

It greatly reduces the odds of getting creepy messages from men just looking to hook up and lets you make connections with people you actually like.  I will say if you are into online dating this seems like a good site because there was a large number of men I said no to simply because they were so good looking, like model head shot good looking.  Some seemed too good to be true, 6’3″, 42, doctor, loves the outdoors, etc, etc, several of those….

I swiped right on a few guys, got a connections but failed to make contact in time (contact must be made within 24 hours) so it was a missed opportunity.  Some part of me was disappointed but as I mentioned above my heart is not really in it and I’m not 100% sure why.

I sometimes worry that I’ve been single for too long and now I’m too independent to seek out a relationship even though I know I want one.  I don’t want to be alone forever.  I joke about being a crazy cat lady but I want a husband, white picket fence, maybe kids someday.

Perhaps one day I’ll wake up and realize online dating is the best option or I’ll just feel ready to go down that road but in the meantime I’ll just keep hoping for the holy grail 😉

I think I’ll try this….online-dating-time-out-2

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