Unicorn Hair!

At the end of last week I did something I’ve always wanted to do…dye my hair a crazy color, well in my case I did 3 crazy colors, purple, pink, and blue.  My stylist referred to it as “unicorn hair” and I loved that name so much that’s what I’m calling this color.

A little over a month ago I did blonde with very pale lavender highlights and it was beautiful but it made me want more color.  I went in this time thinking I would maybe just get more colored highlights then at the last minute decided, “Let’s do this!” and presented a picture of what I wanted.

I told her this is why I don’t have tattoos because I think once I got started I would be hooked.

I love the colors!  I’ll do another pic tomorrow because it’s fading beautifully.  The end product was a little brighter than I thought it would be because apparently my hair loves color, so even diluted 75% it came out hot pink instead of cotton candy pink.  I think if I do brights like hot pink I’ll do highlights underneath or with brown or black hair instead of blonde.

I don’t know why but I thought it would feel weird to have an unnatural hair color and I was worried people might treat me differently.  I expected more looks of disapproval but if anything it appears to make me more approachable and it’s a great conversation starter.  Good or bad I’ve had more random conversations with people this week because of my hair.


Even though I look in the mirror and realize I have rainbow colored hair it feels normal to me.

It doesn’t affect my ability to do my job.  

It doesn’t change who I am as a person (although it does make me just a little bit happier).

It doesn’t mean I live some crazy alternative lifestyle.  

It’s just hair.  

I understand it’s not acceptable in many workplaces and I’m lucky to be in a place where it is acceptable, although I know as I climb the ranks I’ll need to tone it down but that’s why I’m getting it out of my system now.  My plan is to let this fade out then do a full head of either lavender or pale pink but we’ll see what happens because it’s also not free and I don’t want to bankrupt myself because of a hair color addiction XD

I have more posts planned for the rest of this week and will be doing some serious writing today.  I had to attend training yesterday out of town, which I knew was an all day event with a 3 hour drive home at the end so I took today off.  It feels random having a day off in the middle of the week and I feel like I should be productive but I also just want to relax because I have a busy weekend planned 🙂

Happy Wednesday!!  Feel free to share any thoughts, questions, comments.  Have you or do you dye your hair crazy colors?  What are your thoughts about unnatural colored hair in the workplace?


Still here….

Hopefully I can get in some writing tonight! Feels like things just got busy…

Went to a baseball game 

Felix Hernandez who plays for the Mariners was playing for the minor league team while he recovers from an injury so that was cool. 

I’m learning how to use Snapchat…in case anyone needs a laugh….

I’m trying new things at work, taking on more responsibility, and thankfully still loving the job. It has its minor frustrations but I work with great people (mostly) and everyone is willing to work together (except for one guy). I’m still just trying to figure out exactly what direction I want to take with my career but I know learning different areas of the job is a must for promoting. 

That’s all for now. I had a few (30) minutes while I’m waiting to meet someone. It’s not enough time to move onto the next task of the day, especially because I have to move to different buildings, so figured I would write a quick post. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the week!!! It’s almost Friday!!!! 

The Broken Window 

I walked down the stairs Tuesday morning, kind of dragging my feet after the long holiday weekend.  I was planning my work day as I opened the garage door.  I push the button to open the garage, and as I look out the door I  notice my trunk is open.  My first thought, “Did I leave the trunk open?”

I turn on the light, do a quick scan of the area and walk toward the trunk only to notice my driver’s side door open, and finally I see this…….IMG_3305.JPG

Shock.  That’s the best word to describe the feeling as my brain begins to process what happened.  It takes longer than I think it should to register what’s happened as my brain sorts through both the rational and irrational scenarios to explain the scene in front of me.

The trunk is open, a hole in the window, driver’s side door open, glove box open….yep, someone broke into my garage then broke into my car.

I felt some tears well up in my eyes, hands slightly shaky I walked outside and dialed 911. Thankfully I don’t keep much in the car so I don’t think they found anything worth taking.  I spent 3 hours of my morning dealing with it, took the cops 2 hours to show up but I understand my call was not a high priority call.  I was okay.  James the cat was okay.  My home was okay.  My car had a broken window.

I never cried even though I felt like I was on the verge a few times, mostly I was just angry.

I was angry someone decided to violate my sense of security.

I was angry I was missing work.

I was angry at having to deal with fixing my window.

I was angry and annoyed.


This is a pretty accurate portrayal of my reaction just add cursing.

Unfortunately, angry and annoyed were not the only emotions.  Shock hung around me…….I spent most of the day like a zombie, partially because my natural reaction after a stressful situation is to sleep.  I hang tough through the crisis then once the situation is handled my body wants to shut down.

The emotion that caught me off guard and didn’t hit me until later in the day was fear.  I found myself longing to hide.  I almost skipped trivia night because I didn’t want to leave my apartment, didn’t want to go to the garage, didn’t want to come home to the garage.  I was scared.

The good news is I didn’t skip trivia, didn’t hide, and going forward I won’t hide or be scared.  It’s a conflict within me, part of me has fears that make me want to cower and part of me just realizes (pardon my language)…..shit happens then you move on.


It’s a fact, sometimes bad things happen but you can do something about it.  In my case, I’m going to get my window fixed this weekend, continue to live my life, and be grateful.

Things I’m grateful for:

I still have a car.

I didn’t have much in the car for anyone to steal.

I wasn’t in the car.

It’s a small window and I can afford to have it fixed.

I’m okay.

I hope they catch whoever did it because I was not the only victim that day but from my understanding I was luckier than most.  That’s all I have to write about right now.  As usual, writing makes me feel better about the situation.  I know this is kind of random from my regular posts but I needed to write about this to get it out of my system.

Hope everyone is having a good week!  At trivia we came in 2nd which was better than 4th place the week before and I won 4 tickets to a minor league baseball game so the day definitely improved.