Meal Plan Monday


Hello Monday!

I’ll have a post up about the weekend a little later today but thought I would write up my meal plan while I’m sitting at the computer.  I’m not feeling super great today but I had a busy weekend.  My friend was questioning why I took Monday off and I was even questioning if I shouldn’t just go into work but now I’m glad I did.  I always like to take an extra day after a few days off.

One of my accomplishments this weekend was a good Costco trip so I’m stocked up for the next few weeks for meal plans.

One of my struggles has been with proteins because I balk at the up front cost and forget how long it will last.  What I’ve been doing is just buying something when I need it, a couple chicken breasts, a piece of fish, etc. with each costing typically $4-5.  I spent $20 on a huge salmon fillet that I was able to cut up into 7 portions, similar situation with the chicken.  I spent over $50 on chicken, salmon, and sausage but it will save me so much in the long run and will last me for the next month or more.

Shopping with a friend we split up a few items like mushrooms and brussell sprouts.

As a single person making meals for one this really is a good way to save on fruits and veggies, as well as cut down on food waste.  I can buy the giant container of mushrooms but there’s a chance I won’t get through all of them before they go bad.

My fridge and freezer are stocked so I think I’m ready for another week of delicious meals! Today I’m going to do some prep to make the week a little easier.  I’m going to wing it for today’s meals because I’m home but I have plans for the rest of the week…….



Breakfast:  Yogurt with blueberries
Lunch:  Turkey sandwich with bacon and avocado hummus; cucumber slices in vinagrette
Dinner:  Trivia

Breakfast:  Yogurt with blueberries
Lunch:  Apple slices with cinnamon; Turkey wrap with cucumber
Dinner:  Chicken breast with roasted brussell sprouts and pasta

Breakfast:  Egg, mushroom, and sausage burrito
Lunch:  Leftover pasta and chicken; banana
Dinner:  Chicken tacos

Breakfast: Oatmeal
Lunch:  Chicken sandwich with avocado hummus; cucumber slices in vinaigrette
Dinner:  Salmon with rice and green beans

This gif sums up how I’m feeling today but I’m sure tomorrow will be much better!

tumblr_o7bxv0kmj61um61dko1_500Now I think I need to make some lunch and get back to binge watching New Girl 😉

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