Meal Plan Monday

Happy Monday!

Today kicks off the Biggest Loser Challenge at work.  A 1 month challenge designed to help us all kick off healthier habits.  Downside was weighing in but I’ll have a post about that experience.  My motivation was already high then I heard there are 12 people involved with each person putting in $10……Yeah, I could use $120.

And I could also use some healthier habits.  This is just some extra incentive 😉

I went to the gym yesterday morning and again today.  Toward the end of the work day I was actually starting to look forward to going to the gym.  Once I got there things seemed to be going against me.  I grabbed the wrong shirt so I was wearing a shorter shirt than I like to wear with leggings but I said F* it.  I forgot the lock for my locker so I brought all my stuff with me and piled it by the treadmill.

Little things but I could’ve used them as an excuse to not work out but I wasn’t about to let a few little things deter me.

I’m setting my expectations high but I want to make it for at least 30 minutes Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday then take Friday and Saturday off.

I know all that working out won’t make much of a difference if I continue to eat terribly so meal plans are needed.  I slept in then didn’t have time to make lunch today so I was planning to eat out.  I scavenged through my desk to find a fruit cup, a pack of tuna, and some crackers.  Was it the healthiest, most well rounded meal?  No but it saved me from fast food.

It reminded me why I keep my desk stocked with a handful of things just in case.

Now for the meal plan with just dinners this week.

Tonight was amazing!  This was not only one of the most delicious dinners I’ve ever made but it was so easy!  This is a 20 minute or less dinner.

FullSizeRender (12).jpg

I’ll proceed this by saying I’m no chef and tend to just make things up as I go along but I love an easy, healthy, relatively inexpensive meal.  This one will definitely be showing up in the rotation every other week or so.

Wrap the salmon in foil with a little olive oil, lemon juice, salt, pepper, a little oregano.

Wrap the pita bread in foil.  Bake both on a baking sheet for 10-12 minutes @ 425

While that’s cooking slice up some purple onion, cucumber, tomato, kalamata olives, add some red wine vinegar, olive oil, a little oregano and feta cheese.  Toss and serve.

Take the salmon and pita bread out of the oven.  Serve with some Tzatziki sauce.

Extra good news is I will have salad for lunch tomorrow 😀

Tuesday:  Out for dinner at trivia.

For meals for the rest of the week I will use chicken because I have chicken breasts in the freezer and cooking them on Wednesday will last me a few days.

Wednesday:  Chicken lima bean soup….Not sure of the recipe yet but I just googled a couple ingredients I knew I would have on hand to see what popped up and this seems like a good option.  Plus it’ll give me leftovers for lunch.

Thursday:  Baked chicken with brussel sprouts

Friday:  Pasta with chicken and broccoli

As always, I’m going to do my best to keep writing during the week.  I’ve started some posts but just need to dive in and finish them up.

Hope all is well with everyone!

What’s your favorite quick and healthy meal?  I’d love some more ideas.


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