My 5K Weekend

I’m not a runner.

I think I’ve declared this before but just wanted to confirm it.  I’m a power walker and sometimes even a shuffling my feet along for a minute or two jogger.  I didn’t think races or even fun runs were for me….look at the words:  Race.  Run.  Those are things I do not do.

My brother, he runs, he’s one of those crazy runners, and he’s tried to encourage me to become one but I’ve resisted.  He runs marathons.  I consider a run jumping in my car and “running” to the store or the doughnut shop.

I learned one thing this weekend I already knew:  I don’t know if I will ever become a runner but the new thing I learned is:  I LOVE to participate in races!

We arrived super early and had already walked around the lake once so when the race actually started I was already feeling a little sore.   We jogged for a minute but I had to walk because I could feel shin splints starting to kick in, and I did have a moment where I wasn’t sure I would make it.

We power walked it out, doing the whole 3 miles in about 40-45 minutes.

We crossed the finish line at Beat the Blerch in Green Lake, someone handed me a medal, and from that moment I was hooked.  I had an amazing sense of accomplishment AND a medal!  15241876_1323865684320031_642533528927326423_n

Maybe it’s shallow or whatever but the medal was real and heavy.  It felt like a major award.  Plus afterwards we were able to walk over to pick up our pizza blanket, water bottle, and also to meet the creator of this whole wonderful event, Matthew Inman.  He even signed my fancy new medal while I tried to put together words into coherent thoughts because I was so excited to meet him.

Race number one was in the books then I got home, ate dinner, and set my alarm for 6:15 AM (Yikes!).  Race number two started at 9:00, registration began at 7:30, drive was about 20 minutes, so it was going to be an early morning.  My alarm went off, I hit snooze….twice before finally telling myself to “Grab the Christmas socks off the floor, Throw on the Santa hat again, and Get out the door!”

Thank goodness for coffee! 😀

It was a cold morning and I was a little sore from the 8 miles or so I walked the day before but I was also excited because I knew I had another shiny medal coming my way.  Also, this race gave me a shirt 😮

Waiting for the race to start we had our picture taken with Olaf then at the turn around for the 5K we caught the Grinch (Somebody remind me to stand up straight, not sure why I’m leaning over).  This was a super fun family oriented event.  My time was a little slower at this race but I still got my medal!


After the race we went for brunch and mimosas.  I got home and pretty much collapsed from exhaustion.  I was sore, cold, and tired but also so happy.  I felt accomplished.  It was almost like the excitement I felt after completing my first hike.

That badass, warrior princess, take on the world, sense of accomplishment.

I’ve been looking for that thing to keep me motivated and I think this might be it.  It’s great because the winters here are relatively mild (for the most part) so it’s something I can do year round.  I want to keep going to the gym so I can pick up speed and stamina.  I did skip tonight to ice and rest my legs because I really pushed myself this weekend.

I just signed up for my next one, weekend after next because it was only $15 and close to home.  I’m ready.  After the first race the person I went with said, “Next year, we jog more” and I said “Yes.”

It’s a goal I plan on accomplishing.

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