The Overwhelming 6.2 Mile Goal


The big event overwhelming my thoughts lately is the 10K I have coming up in February.

I’m nervous.  I’m terrified.  I’m scared I won’t be able to finish.

There’s a little voice inside cheering me on and reminding me that I can do anything I set my mind to but it’s tough to hear over the screaming voice going, “What the hell were you thinking?!?”

My last 5K was a challenge because I didn’t train, or even bother to go to the gym in the weeks leading up to it.  In my defense, cat was sick, I was sick, cat died, I was sad, I got sick again….therefore the gym slipped to the bottom of the priority list.  Shin splints kicked in shortly into the race and at the end I was just happy it was over so I’m struggling to get that memory out of my head because it’s feeding my doubt.

Getting back into the gym today was a great first step to overcoming my doubts.  The longer you’re out of the gym the easier it is to not go back.  Today my excuse was that I needed to get home to make meal plans and do meal prep….so of course I couldn’t spend 30 minutes at the gym….it’s certainly not like I would’ve wasted 3o minutes online…..


I argued with myself and thankfully by the end of my work day I was at the gym.

I downloaded a couch to 10K app to see if it would help.  Day 1 was challenging.  60 seconds of jogging, 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes.  By the time I was done I was a sweaty, red faced, panting mess, but I finished and it felt good to finish the workout.   work it.jpgI’m going to keep up with this program because I have several things to keep me going.

  1.  Great support.  I’m doing the 10K with a friend and we’re looking to do 2-5K’s in January….one is a virtual race through work and another is a memorial run for an officer from the local prison.
  2. More support.  We’re starting a Biggest Loser competition at work so this will help with the eating because most everyone in my office is looking to get healthy.
  3. A competitive spirit.  Basically, failure is not an option.  I’m not looking to be the fastest.  I’m looking to finish and to hopefully not be the last one to finish.
  4. Despite my negativity I have a desire right now to see how far I can push myself.  Today was day one in my experiment to see what my body can do and it was successful.  I wasn’t perfect but I was there doing my best.

On that note I’ll touch quickly on one of my own personal hurdles, self-consciousness.   The fear of being the fat girl on the treadmill.  The fear of judgement.

funny-gym-advice-goodI thought of this meme.  I thought if someone really wants to judge me that’s more their problem than mine.  I also reminded myself of what I already know, most people are too focused on themselves and their own workout to waste time judging someone else.

Expect more posts as I go through this program.  I’ll be coming out with meal plans next week because I can run all I want but if I’m eating terrible it’s all for nothing.

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday!  I’ve got to pack my lunch and my gym bag for tomorrow.  đŸ™‚



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