A Lengthy Update

I’ll start with the bad news:  I’m frustrated.

I’m frustrated because I still feel like my body gets more sore than it should be, which makes it more challenging to push myself.  I’m frustrated because I’m not really losing any weight.  I’m frustrated because some days I feel like I’m not making progress.

The good news:  I’m working on being realistic, accepting my own progress, and not comparing myself to everyone else.

“I’ve lost 7 pounds”  “I’ve lost 10 pounds” “Do you want to try these diet pills?”  “What are you eating?”  “I’ve cut my calorie intake in half.”  “I’m going to the gym twice a day”

These are phrases I’m hearing around my office because we are in the midst of a Biggest Loser Challenge, a challenge that I’ve already accepted I will not be winning.  If they do it again I probably won’t participate because some people have been acting a little crazy.

After one week people began talking about losing anywhere from 7-12 pounds….in one week, which made my 3 pounds seem pretty insignificant.

In the second week I had a coworker get upset with me over nothing then later apologized claiming she was hungry….seriously?  Someone throw that girl a Snickers, lol.


She also offered me diet pills earlier that day and told me she cut her calories to 1200 a day plus was working out twice a day 😮  I didn’t think it seemed like a good combination.

I really just wanted to participate for a little bit of competition and a little bit of encouragement.  Unfortunately, some people have taken it to mean do whatever it takes in the short term to lose the most weight rather than changing habits for long term change.  I think encouraging healthy eating habits in the office is a good thing but when it starts becoming who can lose the most weight no matter what it begins to have the opposite effect.

On the bright side, my habits are improving.

I’m continuing to learn more things that help keep me on track.  One of the biggest things for me is keeping healthy food in the house and prepping as much as possible.  Cutting up veggies.  Planning meals.  Buying healthy foods.  Trying new things.  I marinated a couple chicken breasts in Greek yogurt and Mediterranean seasoning yesterday, and it came out amazing!

This also helps me to eat healthy at work.  In the last 2 weeks I’ve eaten out once during the work week, which is really good for me.  I believe the habits are starting to stick.  It’s part of my nightly routine to prep my lunch and make sure I have a couple snacks for the next day.

The other part of the nightly routine is packing gym clothes because I try to go the gym at least 4 days a week.  I raised my step goal to 11,000 steps a day.  I hit that goal every day last week and so far for today I have 18,000 steps!  I’ve gone from walking/jogging 1.5-2.0 miles on the treadmill to 2.5-3.0 miles.  I was going to try a couch to 10K training app but didn’t enjoy it so now I just jog when I feel like it and I’m starting to jog a little more each week.

The only thing I need to work on now is sleeping!  My bed time needs to be enforced because staying up until after 11PM each night doesn’t work when you’re getting up at 5AM.  I’ve got to finish up dinner and get to bed.

Hope everyone’s week is off to a great start!  As usual, I’m hoping to get back to more writing soon 🙂



  1. Ameena k.g · January 24, 2017

    It seems to me like you are doing the right things. Building healthy habits which you can stick to in the long run, 💪💪. All the best, and please do not listen to the advice regarding the diet pills. The natural way is the best way.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Daisy9979 · January 25, 2017

      Thanks! It was kind of awkward that she approached me about it at work so I just politely declined. I’ve tried pills in the past but definitely want to do this the natural way 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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