Meal Plan Monday-The Return

I had a fantastic weekend but definitely overindulged.

I don’t do it very often but when I do I’m definitely reminded why I don’t drink too much anymore.  I’m all for a couple drinks or beers every once and again but drinking to the point of drunk is not something I’m up for very often.  I had fun but now it’s time to be a responsible adult…or at least pretend to be a responsible adult 😉

Today I had to go get my phone fixed at the Apple store.  Thank goodness I made an appointment because the place was packed.  It took 2 hours to get it fixed and the place is just far enough away I didn’t want to drive home then drive back so I hung out at the mall.  If I would’ve been thinking I would’ve gone to a movie but instead ending up wandering for most of the time.

I wanted to find a book store, pick up a good book, then find a spot for lunch but couldn’t find a book store 😮  It made me kind of sad that there were no book stores but I ended up finding a book I’ve been wanting to read in a little gift shop then found some food.  It felt weird to be without my phone for 2 hours but also kind of liberating.  I think I need to enjoy more phone free time in my life.

I also took the opportunity to jot down some meal plan ideas for the week.  I decided to skip today and start the plan tomorrow with the work week.  Now that I’ve wasted most of the day at the mall it’s time to do some meal prep.  As always, nothing complicated.

Cut up some broccoli.  Cut up some cucumbers.  Cook the breakfast sausage.  Boil some eggs.  Cut up red and green bell peppers.

It’s mostly just cutting up the veggies so they’re easy to grab during the week.  I’m more likely to grab broccoli or cucumbers as a snack option if they’re already cut up and ready to go.

Also ready to go are gym clothes.  I already have 4 days worth of gym clothes out and ready to go for this week, especially because I skipped today for mall walking.  We’re starting a Biggest Loser challenge at work and I would love to win the money so I’m going to do whatever I can (within reason) to win.  My goal is to lose 10 pounds, not much but for a month long competition it’s within reason.  Wish me luck 😀

Breakfast:  Egg and chicken sausage breakfast burrito
Lunch: Pita with turkey and cucmbers + broccoli and dip
Dinner: Out for trivia

Breakfast: Almond butter and banana wrap
Lunch:  Turkey wrap + cucumbers and dip
Dinner:  Chicken sausage with rice and broccoli

Breakfast:  Cream of wheat + banana
Lunch:  Turkey Pita + Cucumbers and dip
Dinner:  Stir fry veggies with rice

Breakfast:  Oatmeal and boiled egg
Lunch:  Leftovers
Dinner:  Chicken sausage with pasta and broccoli

Cheers to the first Meal Plan Monday of the New Year!