Meal Plan Monday 

I didn’t even get the chance to eat lunch today leaving me hungry, tired, and a bit cranky by the end of the day.  I also got up late so I had no time to make breakfast and for some reason didn’t think it was necessary to eat the yogurt I had in the fridge…. Today was a reminder that I need to eat more than an English muffin, 2 tangerines, and a granola bar over the course of a 9 hour day.

I really can’t imagine the days when I would work all day without eating anything but as a workaholic it’s very easy for me to slip back into old habits.  Thankfully I have to eat at least a little bit of something and I try not to let myself skip meals very often.  I’m starting to realize that food is fuel and if I want to keep going I need to eat.

My job is mentally and sometimes physically exhausting plus I’m trying to do more running.  I tend to be very one or the other.

Eating Healthy or Working Out

It’s a continuous struggle for me to get the 2 to coexist and I’m not sure why…if anyone has ideas please let me know.  I would think one healthy habit would lead to another but so far that hasn’t been the case.  Right now though I’m really trying.

I realized the other day when I was writing out my meal plan that I actually like veggies and fruit.  When I buy spinach I eat it with almost everything.  I love broccoli and cauliflower, carrots are great, zucchini is awesome, asparagus, brussell sprouts, peppers, basically I really enjoy a ton of healthy foods.

The problem comes with options.

Do I want broccoli or potato chips?

Do I want carrots or french fries?

If the two are presented in front of me I’m almost always going to choose the unhealthy option, which is why I’m continuously working on changing my mindset. 

One of the ways I’ve decided to help myself out is to eliminate French fries when I’m eating out.  Two months with no fries. No fries until May. 

It might seem like a silly thing but fries with ranch is one of my weaknesses. There’s almost always other options instead of fries so I’m going to start exploring those alternatives. 

 Here’s the meal plan! 

I’ll have a few posts coming up this week about some fun times I had other the weekend as well as some future goals. 

Happy Monday! 

Lunch: Leftovers 
Dinner:  Spaghetti with spinach

Lunch:  Leftovers
Dinner:  Out for trivia

Lunch:  Soup
Dinner:  Rice and veggies

Lunch:  Leftovers
Dinner:  Chicken with tikka masala veggies

Lunch:  Chicken, rice, and broccoli
Dinner:  Homemade chicken strips and sweet potato fries

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