New Year’s Cleaning Project

The last couple years I haven’t been super keen on the whole “New Year, New Me” thing but this year I’m really feeling it.

I have an intense desire to clean and purge my life.  I’m in the mood to throw things away, donate things I don’t use, buy plastic totes and put labels on them, put everything into neat little boxes with more labels…I want to rearrange everything in my apartment.  I want to dust and scrub.

I can’t believe I’m thinking about staying in for New Years to clean and organize.  That I’m thinking about spending money on storage totes rather than drinks….getting old is weird.

Part of me thinks going out would be fun but I’m thinking more low key, having a few drinks, and hanging out rather than booty shaking at the club.  toooldforthisshitThis is how I feel when I go out to the clubs.

We’ll see what happens, maybe I’ll get an offer I can’t refuse 😉

In the meantime though my plans are a trip to Target for some storage containers, and tackling cleaning projects that will eat up my 3 day weekend but hopefully leave me with a sense of accomplishment.

I’ve been complaining about this year, and I know I’m not alone.  People seem to agree that 2016 has been the worst but when I make myself sit to think about it I have to admit it’s really only the last few months that have been bad.  Cleaning up any negativity in my space will help.

Reasons why I need to purge and clean my apartment:

  1. Everything surrounding the election turned the world into a very ugly place.  It was, and still is challenging to not become overwhelmed by how hateful people can be to each other.  This is why I’m stepping away from social media a little bit.  I recognize how easy it is for me to be dragged into the darkness and sink into depression, so I seek out positivity and organization 🙂
  2. James the cat passing away broke my heart.  I realized today I can talk to someone about it for about 2 minutes before I burst into tears so I still avoid talking about him too much.  I need to pass on some of the items, especially the food before it goes bad.  I know a shelter or another person with a cat can use it.
  3. My job can be stressful but I still love it;however, I also still struggle with knowing exactly where I want to go with my career.  I’m hoping this year to continue to make strides in finding my path.
  4. I’m doing the healthy eating, healthy living thing so I think my space needs to reflect it.
  5. Having a clean space is good for my mental health and reduces stress.  I do not thrive in clutter.  I thrive in organizing clutter.  My zen place is clean.
  6. I’m hoping to move in the summer.  I would like to be responsible and attempt to get rid of stuff prior to moving rather than moving with a bunch of junk.  Also, a clean apartment is easier to pack and move.

I tend to verge on the edge of being a hoarder so when I feel like purging I have to act on that urge because it doesn’t happen often.

Hope everyone has a wonderful New Year’s!!  What are some of your plans?  Any big resolutions?

201412_1031_beaeb_smIf I don’t get too overwhelmed with projects I’ll post some pictures of my progress over the weekend.


No Sunday Funday for Me….

Today is Deep Clean the Kitchen Day!  (I thought maybe if I make the text pink I’ll feel more excited about it 😛 )

I was up at 7 this morning but then I did something I rarely do….I went back to sleep and it was glorious!  I probably could’ve slept all day.  A phone call at 9AM woke me up from the dream where my best friend and I were going to the theater to watch some cartoons but there was some kind of accident outside so the traffic was backed up.

Also, I was really annoyed because she wanted to do all these things but I was really tired and she had been sleeping all day. To add to the weirdness most of it was in her place except when we looked out the window at the traffic it was the view from my office….it was a strange dream.  I really wanted to go back to sleep to finish it up and go watch cartoons but unfortunately I knew I had things to do today.

I laid around all day yesterday except for the one little burst of energy when I started cleaning the fridge but that was after 6PM.  Despite my enthusiasm for the project I decided I did not want to start tearing apart my kitchen to clean a few hours before bed.  I chose to write out a list of things I need to do in the kitchen then I would spend the day tackling this daunting challenge except now I’m procrastinating 🙄

I’ve been doing little things here and there but I know if I’m going to end up moving in the next couple weeks I really need to do some serious cleaning or accept that I’ll never see any part of my deposit again.  I could use the money so I guess I’ll do the serious cleaning.

I wrote out a very detailed list because I tend to get distracted so instead of focusing on cleaning out one cupboard I will partially clean it then I’ll start working on one of the drawers or the top of the fridge or something completely different.  I’m hoping having a plan and a list to cross things off as I go along will help me to stay on track.

I’m planning piles for trash, donations, sell, keep, and pack.  I’m going to start a box because I think I can pack some of the stuff I don’t use as often.  My list seems a bit crazy when I look at it but I want to be efficient and hopefully spend 3-4 hours on this instead of the entire day.

I dragged it out as long as possible but I’m almost done with my coffee.  I made a deal with myself this morning.  Write a quick post while you finish your coffee then it’s off to clean the kitchen so I guess it’s time to get started  🙂

Why I Have so Much Stuff

Today is all about waiting so instead of focusing on it I decided to write about the other focus in my life right now  As I’ve continued to clear out my apartment I’m realizing how much I love clean space and the ability to find things when I need them.  I’ve always been super organized and obsessed with organization at work but my home life often leaves something to be desired.

All of the items I’ve sold, donated, or thrown away I don’t even miss but I’m still tempted to buy more stuff so I have to remind myself of how I came to accumulate so much stuff and what I need to do to keep myself from going back to old habits.

The List of Reasons Why I Have so much Stuff & How I’m Changing:

  • Buying things I don’t really need because it “was a good deal”

Working at an office supply store I would buy pens, markers, paper, and other assorted goodies on clearance.  Do I need 10 boxes of crayons (not an exaggeration), 6 packs of glue sticks, or another pack of Sharpies?  No, but it’s so cheap and I’ll use them or donate them or the most likely scenario, allow them to grow dust in the back of a drawer.  Here’s the lesson I’ve learned about a good deal and it’s pretty common sense.

It’s only a good deal if it’s something you actually need.

I’m not cured of my tendencies so I still want to snatch things up when I see sales but I make myself stop and ask a few questions.  Is it something you need?  Is it something you can use within the next month?  Do you already have something similar at home?  If I’ve managed to convince myself I need it I’ll often make myself go home to think about it and usually forget about it, lol, so it works to deter my spending.

  • Keeping clothes that don’t fit

Many people have those articles of clothing they hang onto even though they don’t fit.  It’s either an old item that used to fit, or an item bought with the intention of losing weight or maybe for some special imaginary future event.  It’s one thing to have an item or two, like an old pair of jeans but to hold onto an entire wardrobe that doesn’t fit is ridiculous.

If you’re like me you’ll find half the stuff you’re hanging onto isn’t even your style anymore plus isn’t one of the perks of losing weight buying new clothes? 😉

  • Keeping things for sentimental value rather than actual use

I’ve wrote about this before and I’ve come to the point where I realize if I’m not using it I should give it to or sell it to someone who can use it instead of allowing it to grow dust in the closet because it was from a family member or best friend, or whoever.  I know them and if I’m not using it they don’t want me to hang onto it either.  It might even just come from a special period in your life but some things have to be let go.

I’m not saying throw out everything but keep in mind you’re not getting rid of the memory, just a material reminder of the memory.

  • Hanging onto things for “someday”

I’m terrified of getting rid of something I might need but I’m becoming more afraid of being overrun by clutter.  I bought a shadowbox to use for my brother’s wedding gift and when I did they were buy one, get one free so I grabbed a second one with the intention of doing another project that never happened so it’s been sitting in my closet for almost 2 years.  I realized if I haven’t used it in 2 years I’m probably not going to use it anytime soon, so I listed it to sell.

My new philosophy is if I haven’t used it in the last year it needs to go.

  • Being lazy and not keeping things organized

This is the root of my clutter because I never knew what I had or where it was so I would buy duplicates or have things I never used because I didn’t even know I had them.  I recently discovered 3 metal water bottles in my apartment.  One was on top of the small filing cabinet under my desk and 2 more were tucked away on the top shelf of the kitchen cupboards (where I can’t even reach).  I’d almost bought a new one on several occasions.

A place for everything and everything in it’s place.

I feel like the cleaning and ridding myself of some of my clutter is one more chapter in my journey.  One where I realize not only can I survive with less stuff but I’m actually happier with less stuff.  My priorities have shifted and I’ve learned it’s sometimes necessary to get rid of some of the unnecessary clutter to make room for new opportunities  🙂