Wine and Painting

In my continued spirit of trying new things I jumped at the opportunity to go to a wine and painting class with a group of ladies from work.  The event was planned almost a  month ago so I was eagerly awaiting last night’s arrival.

Many people think because a person is “artsy” or “creative” that they are automatically good at all forms of crafting or art but this is not the case.  I’m pretty decent with a sharpie but painting is not my forte so I was nervous.

Fortunately I had no reason to be nervous because the class walks you through every step and there’s no right or wrong way to create your masterpiece.  One of my favorite parts of the class was seeing how every person’s painting was different, none really looking the example we were shown at the beginning.  

People used different colors, made their tree different, turned the canvas, added more branches, more flowers, less flowers, etc.  The girl next to me made her background pink and purple, someone else did fall colors (orange, red, yellow) for the blossoms, another girl put her tree on top of the world and added a quote, so no shortage of creativity.  Each painting was unique and amazing.

This was me and my masterpiece 😀

I really hated it at first because I’m a crazy perfectionist but once I took a pic and stepped away from it for a minute I was happy.  I decided it was in the style of impressionism.  It looks a little messy up close but from far away it looks legit 😉

Tomorrow I’m headed out for a fundraiser for the Animal Rescue Foundation at a local bar.  My friend is bringing her 2 dogs so I’ll get a dog for the day, which I’m really excited about because for some reason lately I really, really, really, really want a dog.  I can’t afford one with the food, vet bills, and extra rent I would have to pay.  Plus I don’t have the time it might take to ease James the cat into accepting a new roommate so I’ll just hang out with other people’s dogs.

I also think this is a good opportunity in my search for the holy grail .  I recognize I improve my odds of meeting someone when I actually leave my apartment.

Today though is mostly going to be a lazy day except for a quick trip to Target.  All the bleaching and color has my hair feeling like straw so I’m going to try a conditioning treatment.  If I’m going to make it before the stores start getting busy I should probably step away from the computer.

What’s something new you’ve tried recently?  Have you ever gone to a wine and painting class?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend!


Helping Others on Their Journey

Driving out to the hike with my friend yesterday she began to talk about not feeling confident about her body, even though I think she looks great I know one of the most important components to confidence is self-acceptance.  She mentions that she’s going to try Plexus.  I’m not going to bash the products because I don’t know enough about them to truly back up any arguments but I’m just not a fan of supplements, diets, or other products that push seemingly magical weight loss.

If you are a Plexus user, member of any diet program, or taking any other product to lose or maintain your weight I will say the same thing I told her if you have done your research, know the product is safe, and find it works for you then I’m happy for you.  I’m a supporter of finding what works for you but I’m always going to push making lifestyle changes.

Any weight loss plan must encourage you to make healthy changes to your diet and exercise plus be something you can sustain for a lifetime (unless you want to gain back the weight….or take pills forever).

I tried to remind her that even while taking the pills she needs to work on changing her eating habits plus getting out to exercise more often and even though I’m far from having everything figured out I want to help her in any way I can because my slow progress is still progress.  Another thing is even if I’m not dropping heaps of weight in a short time frame the changes I’ve made to my diet and exercise program have changed my life.

I’m not gonna lie. I love that I’ve lost weight and will continue to do so but my biggest victory in this process has been finding sustainable ways to change my entire lifestyle.  I’ve gone from someone who was blaming everyone and everything else for my misery to someone who understands life is what you make of it and if you put in the tiniest bit of effort you can find happiness just about anywhere.  I wouldn’t put myself in the category of the super active but I definitely wouldn’t define myself as a couch potato anymore.

If I see someone struggling in the way I was struggling I will share my stories, the things that worked for me, the things that didn’t, the lessons I’ve learned along the way but ultimately everyone has their own story and their own journey.

The hardest part for me was facing the truth, which led to the biggest revelation in my journey, the one that really helped change my whole outlook on life:

I’m primarily responsible for my happiness.  If I’m unhappy in my life something has to change.  Scenery.  Hair.  Career. Eating habits.  Exercise habits.  Hobbies.  Working out.  Attitude.  The list goes on and on but the point is to find happiness something has to change.  

I shared one of my favorite quotes with my friend “Be happy with what you have while working for what you want” because it always resonates with me.  It reminds me how silly it is to think you can’t be happy until you’ve reached whatever goal you’re working toward.

Think about it.  Do you want to be miserable for months or even years while you work on losing weight?  Or a career change?  Or saving up for a big purchase?  No and you don’t have to be.  You can be happy while you work toward your goal.  Knowing your working toward a goal is a great reason to be happy.

I feel like I’m on such an amazing journey of self-discovery, rekindling my spirit, and regaining my confidence so when I see people who are miserable I want to help.  At the least I hope some of my positive spirit will inspire someone to start on their own happiness journey.

Can You Be Happy For 100 Days In A Row? I Challenge You To Try!

Right after posting about anxiety I find this post in my feed, sometimes posts arrive in my feed at the perfect time and I figure it sounds like fun, so I signed up. I could use 100 happy days. I’m starting tomorrow on Instagram, daisy9979 🙂

The Unmarked Road

So my sister sent me this amazing link on Facebook! I have signed up and am starting tomorrow!

Are you up for the happiness challenge? What have you got to lose! Sign up here

We live in times when super-busy schedules have become something to boast about. While the speed of life increases, there is less and less time to enjoy the moment that you are in. The ability to appreciate the moment, the environment and yourself in it, is the base for the bridge towards long term happiness of any human being.

71% of people tried to complete this challenge, but failed quoting lack of time as the main reason. These people simpy did not have time to be happy. Do you?

How? Plain simple!

Every day submit a picture of what made you happy!

It can be anything from a meet-up with a friend to a very tasty…

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