No Meal Plans+ Lazy Days

I started writing my meal plan on Sunday then I had people come over for dinner that night, then Monday was busy, then Tuesday was trivia….Once it hits Wednesday it gets a little late in the week for meal plans.  I’ll definitely be back next week because it really does help keep me on track.

No meal plans + Not feeling great = Me not eating well and not working out.


That gif sums up how I’ve felt about everything this week.

I did okay Monday, Tuesday I went out for dinner, Wednesday I ordered pizza…the pizza gave me so many regrets.  I’ve been eating fairly well, so I think the cheesy, greasy pizza was too much.


I woke up this morning desiring nothing more than to curl back up in bed but I made myself head into work.  I left early, took a 2 hour nap, and am feeling much better.  I think a good night’s sleep and I’ll be back to me.

Part of it is just stress.  I have so much to do coming up in the next few weeks.  It’s exciting, and a bit overwhelming.  Mariners baseball game.  Work conference for a few days.  Flying to Spokane.  Cinderella, the musical.  AND THE COLOR RUN will cap off my multi-weekend craziness then I will sleep for a week 😀

Sunday I had a great workout but that was my last one.  It doesn’t help that it’s been so rainy all week but I still could’ve gone to the gym.

I have to remind myself of this:  A few bad days doesn’t mean all is lost.

I’m hoping to go out walking tomorrow.  Nothing too intense because I have a 5 mile hike planned for the weekend then I can get back into a routine next week.

I’m going to start a workout plan to help me with running.  I’ve been kind of winging it, and telling myself I’ll just make it up as I go but I think I need to develop some discipline.  My routine last week was to walk every day of the week, at least 3-4 miles.  I would run when I felt like it but that wasn’t very often.

I’m not sure what I’m doing is helping me make progress.  I think I’m going to try one of the couch to 5K plans again.  I have a 5K in a couple weeks, 2 in June, 2 in August, then I think an 8K in October.  That might have to be it for awhile unless I find an amazing deal on something because races can be expensive.

On the subject of expensive I’ll have a post coming out soon about budgeting.  Next month is going to be “Spend No Money May”

That’s all for now.  Just wanted to write a quick post tonight since I missed Monday.  Hope everyone is having a great week!  I’m so glad it’s almost Friday!!!!!



Rest Day

I almost called in sick today but wasn’t really feeling sick enough to call in sick, just kind of….not really feeling it today… I went into work and left early.  I was exhausted for some reason so I decided to listen to my body and take a rest day but it was challenging.

Even as I left work I contemplated going to the gym for a quick mile or two then decided a better option would be to get home, put my feet up, get some ice on my aching ankles, take some ibuprofen, and rest.  That’s what I’ve been trying to do today but I keep thinking about how I can’t wait to get back to the gym tomorrow.

I’m so excited because I had my best mile time yesterday.  The problem is I also have a little voice in my head telling me it’s not that impressive.  I’m still super slow but I have to keep reminding myself that my times are all about me.  All about my goals and the little accomplishments along the way.  It’s so easy to think what you’ve accomplished isn’t good enough compared to other people.

I guess the point I make by writing what keeps popping into my head is to not compare yourself to everyone around you.

Work at your own pace.  Set your own goals.  Crush your goals.

Most importantly:  Celebrate your success along the way!

Here is my little bit of success……I jogged/walked my fastest mile to date, 17:46!  I’m slowly working my way to my 15 minute mile goal.  I’ve been walking more than jogging but yesterday was more jogging.


I think I’m extra excited because it felt good.  I felt like I found a groove or a rhythm, like I began to understand why people like running so much.  I’m also helped by an amazing support group at work who proceeded to high five me and tell me I did a good job when I meekly said, “I jogged almost an entire mile yesterday.”  They help keep me motivated.


I’ll be back in the gym tomorrow and Friday then maybe a short walk/jog on Saturday.  I have a 5K on Sunday so I’m trying not to overdo it too much but also want to keep myself moving.

I’ve decided on 4 days a week at the gym, one rest day during the work week, an active weekend day, and a rest day on the weekend, basically 5 days on, 2 days off.  Not that I’ll be laying on the couch during my rest days but won’t be as focused on getting a work out in on those days….unless I really feel like it.

I’m going to see if this little runners’ high carries over into the upcoming weeks, and if so I’m going to be shopping for some new shoes.

That’s all for now.  I’m off to lounge a bit more before my early bed time tonight.  Hope the week is treating everyone well!  We’re almost to the weekend!  🙂

The Overwhelming 6.2 Mile Goal


The big event overwhelming my thoughts lately is the 10K I have coming up in February.

I’m nervous.  I’m terrified.  I’m scared I won’t be able to finish.

There’s a little voice inside cheering me on and reminding me that I can do anything I set my mind to but it’s tough to hear over the screaming voice going, “What the hell were you thinking?!?”

My last 5K was a challenge because I didn’t train, or even bother to go to the gym in the weeks leading up to it.  In my defense, cat was sick, I was sick, cat died, I was sad, I got sick again….therefore the gym slipped to the bottom of the priority list.  Shin splints kicked in shortly into the race and at the end I was just happy it was over so I’m struggling to get that memory out of my head because it’s feeding my doubt.

Getting back into the gym today was a great first step to overcoming my doubts.  The longer you’re out of the gym the easier it is to not go back.  Today my excuse was that I needed to get home to make meal plans and do meal prep….so of course I couldn’t spend 30 minutes at the gym….it’s certainly not like I would’ve wasted 3o minutes online…..


I argued with myself and thankfully by the end of my work day I was at the gym.

I downloaded a couch to 10K app to see if it would help.  Day 1 was challenging.  60 seconds of jogging, 90 seconds of walking for 20 minutes.  By the time I was done I was a sweaty, red faced, panting mess, but I finished and it felt good to finish the workout.   work it.jpgI’m going to keep up with this program because I have several things to keep me going.

  1.  Great support.  I’m doing the 10K with a friend and we’re looking to do 2-5K’s in January….one is a virtual race through work and another is a memorial run for an officer from the local prison.
  2. More support.  We’re starting a Biggest Loser competition at work so this will help with the eating because most everyone in my office is looking to get healthy.
  3. A competitive spirit.  Basically, failure is not an option.  I’m not looking to be the fastest.  I’m looking to finish and to hopefully not be the last one to finish.
  4. Despite my negativity I have a desire right now to see how far I can push myself.  Today was day one in my experiment to see what my body can do and it was successful.  I wasn’t perfect but I was there doing my best.

On that note I’ll touch quickly on one of my own personal hurdles, self-consciousness.   The fear of being the fat girl on the treadmill.  The fear of judgement.

funny-gym-advice-goodI thought of this meme.  I thought if someone really wants to judge me that’s more their problem than mine.  I also reminded myself of what I already know, most people are too focused on themselves and their own workout to waste time judging someone else.

Expect more posts as I go through this program.  I’ll be coming out with meal plans next week because I can run all I want but if I’m eating terrible it’s all for nothing.

Hope everyone had a lovely holiday!  I’ve got to pack my lunch and my gym bag for tomorrow.  🙂