10K Number 2. Done.

Meal plans will be back next week.  If you make it to the end of the post you will see they are desperately needed…but in the meantime here’s exciting racing news 😀

I completed my second 10K on Sunday.  Shin splints kicked in right at the beginning and I honestly didn’t think I would finish.

I was alone.

I didn’t have anyone to push me so I had to count on myself.

As cheesy as it may sound, I had to dig real deep and decide that I wasn’t going to quit.  I had to think back to words of encouragement from my friends and family.   Part of me became self-conscious because I knew I was close to last place but the other part of me chimed in with a reminder “You’re faster than everyone sitting at home right now”  It was that part of me that pushed me forward, that part of me that decided even if I hobbled in last I was going to finish.

I did finish and I wasn’t last.  I beat 7 other people so I’ve got some room to improve.  I did set a new PR….Seeing my min/mi time below 17:00 was awesome!  I shaved 3:00 off my last 10K, which doesn’t sound like much but it’s a big deal.

FullSizeRender (18).jpgI also failed to realize where the camera was located.  It’s not my most flattering pic but it shows me finishing something I didn’t think I could do.


I was excited to add another medal to my growing collection and can’t wait to add more.  I’m going to have to start using the other end of the bookcase or find an alternative display.

FullSizeRender (17).jpg

I have 3 more 5K’s planned this summer plus an 8 mile run in August.  I find it so hard to believe this all started from finding someone else who said, “Yes, a 5K sounds like fun”  It stemmed from not just saying, “Let’s do it” to actually registering and going.  I’ve now completed 6-5K’s and 2-10K’s.  My goal is to do at least one more 10K this year, maybe October.

The BIG, ULTIMATE goal, and I put that in all caps because it’s a BIG deal…..is the Disney World Half Marathon.

I registered today.  It’s going to happen.  Nothing like spending more than you ever thought you would spend on a race to get you motivated.

Thank you to my brother to taking my idea for a goal and saying, “Here’s the one we should do” and helping to make it a reality.

I’m nervous because you have to be at the minimum at a 16:00 mile pace but I keep reminding myself that I’m not far from that…but I tend to hover around 17:00-18:00 if I’m not really pushing…but I used to be at about 20:00 so I’m constantly improving.

Also, I have 8 months to train.


I’m trying to walk 4-5 miles at least 3-4 times a week.  Tomorrow will be my first day trying to go to the gym in the early hours for a quick weight training session…ugh.  I hate mornings.

Nutrition needs to get back on track.  Late nights out walking, plus no meal plans leaves me grabbing take out, or like tonight realizing it’s after 7PM and all I’ve eaten for dinner is half a bag of chips and a handful of chocolate eggs….not exactly the meal of someone trying to improve their running times…but I’ll do better tomorrow!  I did good all day but let myself stress eat a little bit tonight 😦

Hope everyone is having a great week!  It’s going to be a busy few weeks but I’ll do my best to check in for a quick post and will definitely be writing meal plans on Sunday that do not include chocolate eggs 😉

My 5K Weekend

I’m not a runner.

I think I’ve declared this before but just wanted to confirm it.  I’m a power walker and sometimes even a shuffling my feet along for a minute or two jogger.  I didn’t think races or even fun runs were for me….look at the words:  Race.  Run.  Those are things I do not do.

My brother, he runs, he’s one of those crazy runners, and he’s tried to encourage me to become one but I’ve resisted.  He runs marathons.  I consider a run jumping in my car and “running” to the store or the doughnut shop.

I learned one thing this weekend I already knew:  I don’t know if I will ever become a runner but the new thing I learned is:  I LOVE to participate in races!

We arrived super early and had already walked around the lake once so when the race actually started I was already feeling a little sore.   We jogged for a minute but I had to walk because I could feel shin splints starting to kick in, and I did have a moment where I wasn’t sure I would make it.

We power walked it out, doing the whole 3 miles in about 40-45 minutes.

We crossed the finish line at Beat the Blerch in Green Lake, someone handed me a medal, and from that moment I was hooked.  I had an amazing sense of accomplishment AND a medal!  15241876_1323865684320031_642533528927326423_n

Maybe it’s shallow or whatever but the medal was real and heavy.  It felt like a major award.  Plus afterwards we were able to walk over to pick up our pizza blanket, water bottle, and also to meet the creator of this whole wonderful event, Matthew Inman.  He even signed my fancy new medal while I tried to put together words into coherent thoughts because I was so excited to meet him.

Race number one was in the books then I got home, ate dinner, and set my alarm for 6:15 AM (Yikes!).  Race number two started at 9:00, registration began at 7:30, drive was about 20 minutes, so it was going to be an early morning.  My alarm went off, I hit snooze….twice before finally telling myself to “Grab the Christmas socks off the floor, Throw on the Santa hat again, and Get out the door!”

Thank goodness for coffee! 😀

It was a cold morning and I was a little sore from the 8 miles or so I walked the day before but I was also excited because I knew I had another shiny medal coming my way.  Also, this race gave me a shirt 😮

Waiting for the race to start we had our picture taken with Olaf then at the turn around for the 5K we caught the Grinch (Somebody remind me to stand up straight, not sure why I’m leaning over).  This was a super fun family oriented event.  My time was a little slower at this race but I still got my medal!


After the race we went for brunch and mimosas.  I got home and pretty much collapsed from exhaustion.  I was sore, cold, and tired but also so happy.  I felt accomplished.  It was almost like the excitement I felt after completing my first hike.

That badass, warrior princess, take on the world, sense of accomplishment.

I’ve been looking for that thing to keep me motivated and I think this might be it.  It’s great because the winters here are relatively mild (for the most part) so it’s something I can do year round.  I want to keep going to the gym so I can pick up speed and stamina.  I did skip tonight to ice and rest my legs because I really pushed myself this weekend.

I just signed up for my next one, weekend after next because it was only $15 and close to home.  I’m ready.  After the first race the person I went with said, “Next year, we jog more” and I said “Yes.”

It’s a goal I plan on accomplishing.

Gym, Future Posts, & the End of the Week

Hello Readers 🙂

I was out of town Thursday to Monday night so I decided to take a break.  I thought Tuesday would be my down day to catch up and do up my meal plans but….errands got in the way.  I hadn’t been to the gym in a week so I was starting to miss it and knew I needed to get back.

If there’s anything I’ve learned on my healthy journey it’s how easy it is to fall back into bad habits.  It’s easy to start saying, “I’ll go to the gym tomorrow”, and a few days of that excuse go by then before you know it you haven’t been to the gym in a week!

You begin to realize that Biggest Loser prize is slipping away….I’ve heard people talking and don’t think I’ll win because I’ve only lost a few pounds but progress is progress.  The contest wasn’t only about winning but about kick starting healthier habits and I think I’m back on track.

Today after work I realized I didn’t have my headphones.  No headphones = no workout.

Not true!  I made myself turn around, go back to work, and grab my spare headphones.

Then came my next excuse.  No way to pull my hair back = no workout.

My hair is short, tuck behind ears and it’s out of my face.  Problem solved.

I was proud of myself because I really, really, really, really, really, really, really didn’t feel like working out today.  I was glad I overcame my excuses and put in 45 minutes at the gym.  The days I don’t feel like working out are the days I need it the most.  For some reason listening to loud music and watching TV while power walking clears my head.

I used to hear people talk about going to the gym or even just stopping for a walk after work to clear their mind of work.  My regular schedule allows me to do this and it helps.  Work was stressful today but once I was home I didn’t feel all that stress.  I found myself thinking less of the worries of the day and focusing more on matters of the home.  Dinner, plans for the weekend, cleaning, writing, etc.

I’m back to 4 days a week at the gym.  I also have a hike planned for the rainy weekend, which is exciting because it’s been several weeks since I’ve been out hiking.

I’ll be back with meal plans next week.  My goal is to start doing more prep at the beginning of the week, pre-cutting veggies, cooking meats, packaging servings of snacks for grab and go, so I’ll be including what prep I’m doing for each meal.

Today was a Monday for me and it was a crazy day but the bright side of Wednesday being Monday is Friday is right around the corner 😀

Hope everyone is having a great week!  I’ll be posting some hiking pics this weekend plus writing about my other weekend adventure 😉