In lieu of Working Wardrobe Wednesday I decided to keep it within the realm of style but switch it up a bit from clothing to home.

This weekend I did some decorating in a continued effort to settle into my new place.  It’s slowly starting to feel more like home and the decorating is the fun part of moving.  Once you get all unpacked you start to put pictures on the wall, arrange the shelves, hang curtains, all the little things that make a space start to feel like your own.  My style is a bit more eclectic than many of my friends who tend to go more on the conservative side.

My space is usually balancing a fine line between clean and cluttered.  I love open space but I also love my stuff.  😀

The corner shown in the featured image is one of my favorite spots in the apartment.  At first I thought it was too cluttered but it’s grown on me.  It’s still a bit busy but has some of my favorite things, my knick-knacks, my vintage purses, my record player, my fabulous thrift store chair, and my scarves.

FullSizeRender (29)

My goal is to one day make a cute shower curtain out of all these scarves but in the meantime I like to use them for wall decorations.

Command hooks are the best!!!!  As you can see some of these have been painted gold to make them look a bit fancier than the white plastic.  You can buy them in different sizes to hold different weights. They simply stick on the wall and come off the wall easily, which is a huge bonus for apartment dwellers.

The mirror pictured below was a fantastic thrift store find at $13.  I made it my own with some bright blue paint but I’ve been considering redoing it in a deep purple or maybe stick with the bright, fun colors and do like a fuchsia.  The great thing about most furniture pieces is if you don’t like it and have a little bit of ambition and a can of paint it’s easy to change.    FullSizeRender (27)Part two of the mirror project came about this last weekend when I decided I wanted to have hooks to hang on the wall for coats and bags but most of the coat racks I found that I liked were out of my budget so I decided to make my own.  I bought 2 boards at a craft store, $5, a 4 pack of mug hooks, $1, and since I didn’t feel like painting I dug into my expansive washi tape collection (if you don’t know what it is check it out, like masking tape, removable and comes in tons of fun styles).  FullSizeRender (28)I was happy with how it came out and it’s another piece that if I decide I hate the tape or just get bored it’s easy to change it up.

FullSizeRender (25)I couldn’t write about home without addressing my lovely book collection.  When I first moved in I was so mad because my books didn’t fit back onto the shelves properly.  I was frustrated trying to give each book it’s proper place but as the weeks go by I like the randomness of the books haphazardly on the shelves.  I started adding in more of my knick-knacks and found I loved it ❤

I’m still rearranging and might have an opportunity to get a couch soon!  Right now I’m sitting in my computer chair, a large ottoman, or laying on the floor so a couch would be nice.

I’m finding it’s a combination of mental and physical aspects coming together to make this place feel more like home.  I think I have a ways to go with both aspects but everyday I’m making huge strides toward settling into my new home.  🙂

What’s your favorite part of your home?  Do you have a piece of furniture or something else that really makes it your space?

Whiny Weight Gain Wednesday

Ugggghhhhh……I’m skipping Working Wardrobe Wednesday this week because I ran into a bit of a snag this week. I realized 2 things this morning as I began to pile hangers and discarded clothes onto my bed.

  1.  I realized planning my wardrobe for the week really is a good idea.
  2. I realized I was facing the same dilemma as Austin Powers faced in one of his movies,

“I lost my mojo”


Perhaps Dr. Evil stole it……(Now I just want to watch Austin Powers movies)  Anyways, I’ve been feeling super cute and confident in all my work clothes over the last few weeks but this week I felt like I’d lost my mojo, or my groove, or whatever you choose to call it.

Gone was the confidence replaced with feeling like a short, boring, blob.  I tried on at least 4 different outfits this morning and hated all of them even outfits I’d loved in the past were discarded to the rejection pile.  I proclaimed each outfit to be more dreary than the next

I’ve been racking my brain all morning trying to figure out what’s going on with me.  I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I might simply be having an off week.  There’s no rule that says because I have confidence in myself I’m not going to ever feel any shred of doubt or have days where I feel fat or unattractive.  I was going to say ugly but I find that word to be so harsh and I don’t really feel ugly just not well put together, a little “off my game” lol.

Today I’ve resigned myself to gray slacks, black thermal, and the same dark purple cardigan I wore yesterday.

Warm, comfortable, and a bit dreary…….

That was yesterday.

This morning I felt the weight gain before I even pulled out the scale.  I don’t know why but I feel like I have a better understanding of my body now to the point where I could tell I had gained about 3 pounds.  Poor eating habits over the weekend trickled over into the first part of the week, not completely but I definitely had a few things I knew I should be avoiding.  Also, I haven’t been working out consistently.

The sad part was what happened this morning.  I stepped on the scale, saw that I had gained 3 pounds, and the first words out of my mouth were “I guess I need to quit eating” o_O  Not, “I should probably get off my ass at night or in the morning and work out” or “Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten 3 slices of pizza for dinner last night” or “I need to start walking more”

Nope, it was that I should stop eating.  That makes sense 🙄

Instead of thinking about the healthy changes I could make in my life I decided in that instant the best choice was to cut off all forms of nourishment.  I know it was an exaggeration but right after I said it I realized I still have a ways to go in changing my mindset.

Plan of action is to get the eating fully back on track, reading labels, watching sugars, not allowing myself to fall into the quick, easy, processed food trap (it’s so easy when you’re busy and working), and start trying some new foods again.  I’m in a new city with a greater variety of grocery shopping locations, plus being in a different region gives me food options I wouldn’t find in other places.  For example, close to the ocean means lots of seafood options so I need to start checking out new recipes.

Also, get into some kind of workout routine!!!!!

It really is challenging because after work I don’t feel like doing anything but I know I would feel better if I worked out so I think I might give early morning workouts a try.  It’s a quick walk to the fitness center at my place so since I still have two more workdays this week I’m going to commit to giving it a try tomorrow morning plus a bit of floor work and strength training tonight.

I think I’m done whining and have put together a solid plan to get myself back on track because I’ve been feeling so good I don’t want to throw away all my progress.  If you’re made it this far thanks for reading my whiny post and hope everyone is having a great week! 😀

Finding Friendships

In case you haven’t been following along.  Here’s the lowdown on my current situation:  My store closed so I was unemployed for like 8 months then I found a job but it’s far away from where I was living and in a completely different field from the job I was working for 12 years.

New job.  New city.  New friends?

I was lucky to transplant into a new city with my best friend 30 minutes away (she’s been urging me to migrate this way for years) and several aunts, uncles, cousins, second cousins, basically more family than I realize.  I’m not totally alone but I don’t really know anyone in my city except for one person.

I met her at orientation and we just clicked.  Once I realized we clicked I began to ponder how to take that step toward possible hanging out sometime.  Thankfully she was the brave one who simply asked if I wanted to hang out and it was such a relief.

Making friends is like dating in some ways.
I didn’t want to make a move in case she wasn’t really interested….no one likes rejection.

I remembered rejecting a woman who tried to befriend me at my old apartment complex and declining her was awkward but I had legitimate reasons.  She was a retail customer at my store before it closed and we had fought about an issue with her business cards on a previous occasion plus she had all her clothes thrown on the floor of the laundry room when I saw her 😮  Nope, just not someone I wanted to spend time with so I worried this new potential friendship could find me on the receiving end of an awkward interaction.

Thankfully it all worked out.  We had coffee weekend before last and I’m going to call her this week to see if she wants to get dinner or coffee or something.  It made me realize how challenging it is to make friends as an adult.

When we’re younger school forces us together and many of us form friendships that way all the way up through college. Many enter into the professional world with an already established circle of friends then we might add in some work colleagues but there’s also the challenge of friendship versus professionalism, especially if you’re the boss.

I struggled with that scenario but still made some friends along the way during my career in retail.  Other than those few people and my best friend I don’t have a wide circle of close friends so I’m left trying to expand my social circle within my city.  I know this is another part of moving that will take time and I’m lucky to have the friends I do have here plus I’m working on establishing relationships with my work colleagues.

Again, it’s only been a month so I think it’s understandable that I’m not going out every night or having people over all the time.  I’m kind of amazed I’ve even managed to stay busy every weekend.  I think this weekend is the first weekend since I’ve moved in that I don’t have any plans…yet.

Anyone else out there run into the struggle of making friends as an adult?  Any tips? or tricks?  Not that I want to trick people into being my friend XD ha ha but hopefully you guys know what I mean….