Falling off the Face of the Earth

Dear Readers,

I hope there’s still some out there because it feels like forever since I’ve posted anything.  I sort of fell off the face of the Earth.  I was busy then I was lazy….I lost interest.

It struck me the other day that part of the reason I lost interest was because some of the core topics of my blog were being ignored in my life, health, wellness, working out, changing, health, eating healthy….Did I mention health?

Here’s the confessions:

I haven’t been to the gym in 2 weeks.  

I haven’t been planning meals.  

I haven’t been planning my grocery shopping.  

I’ve been skipping meals and binging (See above for reasons)

I’ve been eating out several times a week.

I’ve been ignoring my blog.   

I haven’t been feeling great.  

I’ve been feeling tired and my jeans are feeling tight.  

I decided it’s time for all of that to end.  

My revelation came yesterday when I realized I’d skipped lunch 3/5 days this week.  I also stopped to think about what I’d eaten for dinner this week.  This is what my eating looks like when I don’t plan my meals:

Monday I ate chicken sandwich and fries from Burger King for dinner.  Tuesday I ate a Caesar Chicken Wrap at trivia.  Wednesday I ate a frozen pizza.  Tonight I went out for Chinese.  Tomorrow I’ll be eating Chinese leftovers and cleaning out the fridge.

Starting on Monday I’m back on track.  I know you don’t have to wait until Monday but I’m going to be honest and say it’s the best time for me.  I’m spending my weekend partying in downtown Seattle.  I’m not going to kid myself about the food and drinks I will be consuming.  I’m not saying it’s going to be a free for all but……I’ll just say it’s best to begin this plan on Monday 😉

Things that begin on Monday August 29th: 

1 Post every day for 30 days starting with the return of Meal Plan Monday

Meal plans every week with breakfast, lunch and dinner

No grocery shopping without a list

Limit eating out!  

Minimum of 3 days per week at the gym

I’ve fallen off the track before and there’s no guarantee I won’t do it again but I think each time it takes me less time to get back on track.  I think once I get back to planning meals everything else will fall back into place.

I’ll be posting on the progress of this process. Thanks to everyone for reading!  The blog and blogger will be back on Monday ready to start the next chapter!

Your goals are the road maps that guide

My 1 Year Blogging Anniversary

Today is my one year blogging anniversary!  FullSizeRender (49)

One year ago today I wrote Closing the Store.  The store had been closed for one week and for the first time in my adult life I was unemployed.  As I continued to write I started getting comments and followers.  I planned to write once a week, no more than 300 words then I decided to stop restricting myself and just write whatever I wanted to write whenever I felt like writing.

This blog was my outlet and finding a network of people who related to me or simply supported what I was writing about was amazing.  In one of the most difficult times in my life this little blogging world helped keep me positive and motivated on the days when I wanted to give up.

I’m not writing the grand post I’d planned for my one year.  I’ll simply share links to a few of my favorite posts and wish everyone a lovely Sunday!

No More Pizza?  Reading through this one today was a good reminder to get back to the three basics I list in the post.

Be Happy…  I still keep these things in mind and can’t believe I used to hate shopping.

You’ve Got Mail!  Reminded me I need to write some letters this week.

Here’s a few posts about the biggest change in my life, my attitude.  As I learned to focus on the positive instead of the negative I finally learned you don’t have to have a perfect life to be happy.  Happiness is about attitude, positive thinking, and finding the joy in the simple things in life.

Focus on the Positive , Changing My Body and My Mindset,  Helping Others on Their Journey 

I found the featured image a few weeks ago while looking for pics for something else and I’ve been waiting for the right post to use it. 😀

Closing the store

Sometimes in life we step up to the plate and make the difficult decisions that transform our lives, other times we sit on the bench until we’re forced to make a change.  Baseball metaphors aside my life is in a transitional state where I need to change in both my personal and professional life to find happiness.

I was working in the same store for 12 years in a state of complacency, not happy but too scared to make a move.  After working my way up the ranks I ended up in the position I never thought I would have, store manager, only to hear 5 months later that my store would be closing.  Between telling employees they would not have a job in a few months to taking apart a place that had been my second home for 12 years the process was physically and emotionally exhausting.

Toward the end, the job was comparable to the end of a bad relationship.  I was miserable but still trying to hang onto the idea of what we had in the beginning when times were good even though deep down I knew things would never be the same between us.  I attempted to stay optimistic but was becoming increasingly bitter and resentful of the company making the decision to move on rather than transfer.  In the end it was a learning experience but one that I hope I never have to go through again.

The store closed one week ago and without a job for the first time in 16 years I find myself in a strange state of mind.  I feel restless and anxious but I’m trying different things to adapt to the recent change.  My brain is struggling to recognize I do not have to worry about the store anymore and can relax for the holidays.  I’m an optimist at heart and believe everything happens for a reason so I know this is the path I’m meant to be on at this point in my life.  Writing about this transitional period will hopefully help me to remain active and perhaps even find some clarity during this new chapter.