Weekend Recap

This weekend was amazing.  Thankfully there was no snow going or coming back over the pass.  It was exactly what I needed to rejuvenate myself, although right now I’m exhausted I know I’ll be 100% again after a good night’s sleep.  This morning my best friend who I was staying with had to leave for work around 6:30 AM so I left around this time for my 5-6 hour drive home; Upside:  I’m home nice and early  Downside:  Getting up early.

I actually did alright (Thank you grande triple Starbucks Latte) until the last 100 miles because it was so boring.  The drive is nothing but fields; however, a bit of loud music and top of my lungs singing kept me awake.

IMG_6782I was excited when I walked up to my front door and saw a package waiting for me.  A couple weeks ago I wrote about trying tofu for the first time (Trying New Foods-Tofu Thursday) and Andrea at soyfoods.org sent me a TofuXpress to help me dry my tofu plus some other goodies to try (Thanks again!).

I’m so eager to try it out, definitely looks easier than the piles of paper towels I used last time plus I can also marinate the tofu in it and use it for other vegetables like spinach.  I was going to try it tonight but I think I’m doing an easy pasta dish tonight but I’m excited to add in a new tofu recipe to my menu plan this week.

Last week was a rough week for the meal plan.  I might as well have taken it off the fridge, crumpled it up into a ball, and thrown it on the floor for how well I followed it last week.  I’m not going to dwell on the failures of last week but simply move onto a new week and new meal plan.

This weekend I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted but did alright eating 3 meals a day and not overeating.  My best friend is a great cook so the first night she made us tequila lime chicken tacos, then we added some eggs and hashbrowns the next morning for breakfast tacos.  Yum!

I’ve been craving a burger but was holding out for the right time to indulge the craving and no time was better than when we walked through Pikes Market then headed up to The 5 Point Cafe for lunch.  I had a Bourbon Bacon Bleu Burger (wish I’d taken a pic) loaded with bacon and bleu cheese, it made me very happy definitely the burger I’d been craving 😀

The 5 Point Cafe, Seattle, WA

The 5 Point Cafe, Seattle, WA

Loot from my shopping excursion

Loot from my shopping excursion

Saturday we enjoyed downtown Seattle then drank the night away playing Cards Against Humanity and watching movies. The next day was a hungover shopping excursion (seriously, I’m amazed I could walk) where I might have spent too much money but I forgot what it’s like to be in a real mall.  Stocked up on my favorite body spray at Victoria Secret’s, couple cute new shirts at Old Navy, new earrings, candles (Lemon Mint Leaf candle from Bath & Body Works is now on my list of favorite things), and the item I’m indulging in right now Coconut Ginger tea from Teavana.

This morning I found myself feeling like it’s been forever since I last worked out.  It’s been 4 days but we did walk about 4 miles on Saturday so I don’t feel like a total slacker plus I’m already planning my workout for tomorrow.

I was definitely sad to see the weekend come to an end but it did rejuvenate me and also remind me how much I would really enjoy not just living in a bigger city but living somewhere closer to my friends.

I’m gonna kick back for the rest of the afternoon, catch up on some of my favorite blogs, and enjoy some Netflix time before an early bedtime because tomorrow it’s back to meal plans, gym, and job hunting.  I’m not looking forward to job hunting but I am definitely excited to get back into the gym.

Non-Stop Fun :)

My weekend was non-stop.  I figure I drove a little over 400 miles over 3 days but it was definitely worth it to spend quality time with my amazing family.


Davenport Hotel lobby

My mom, 3 aunts, my cousin and I all enjoyed a fabulous evening together with delicious drinks, food, and entertainment. All the sisters stayed at a nice hotel downtown which was where we enjoyed our fancy dinner.  I met them at the hotel which has one of the most impressive lobbies I’ve ever seen.


Peanut Brittle Martini Yum! 😉

I avoided taking pictures of my food (I’ll have a post about this) even though it was a beautiful salmon with carrots, tomatoes, mashed potatoes, and a sauce I can’t remember what it was but it was delicious.  I did sneak a picture of my “Peanut Brittle Martini”  The drink menu was pretty fantastic with my mom and aunt ordering a “Jazzy Jezzebel” just because the name was fun.

I love musical theater and this weekend’s show was “Mamma Mia”, which if you’ve seen the movie you can imagine the show.  It was high energy and high fun.  I will be spending the next week singing Abba songs 🙂

I spent Saturday night with my cousin whom I adore (not just saying that because she could be reading 😉 ).  We’re the same age and grew up together but like so many of my relationships I have a tendency to get out of touch with people so I’m making a conscious effort to spend time with people I enjoy.  Like I’ve mentioned before I’m lucky to be at a place where my job hunting isn’t all consuming and I have lots of time so why not spend that time with great people?

The next morning we split a delicious breakfast of crabs benedict (eggs benedict with a crab cake instead of a muffin) and red potatoes.  YUM!  I think I could eat that every morning, well maybe not, but I am going to try to poach eggs.  We then went on a great little hike up near her place where I snapped this picture.


Over the weekend I felt like I had a few small victories in my lifestyle change efforts.

I parked almost a mile away from the hotel, partially because I hate driving around in downtown looking for parking but also because I knew I hadn’t worked out all day.

At dinners I have avoided certain entrees because of the sides preferring to get french fries or something equally unhealthy.  I’m glad I stuck with the salmon and the sides were perfect.  I didn’t miss not having french fries.

I’ve avoided splitting meals with people before because I wanted to make sure I had enough food (too much food) so when my cousin suggested splitting breakfast there was a part of my brain that said “NO” but thankfully a larger part of my brain said that’s plenty of food.  It was just the right amount of food.

Even going for a hike was a small victory because even though I got a little winded and sweaty I think a few months ago I wouldn’t have even gone and if I did go I don’t know if I would have made it the whole way.

Like I said small victories.

Now I’m back to real life but will be heading out again on Thursday so I’m trying to keep myself from feeling overwhelmed so I figured I would sit and write for a few minutes.  I’m actually exhausted so I might have to give it up for the day and start fresh tomorrow.  I got up at 7:30 this morning so I could drive 3 hours so I could meet with my trainer at 12:30.  I arrived in town at 11:30, giving me just enough time to grab some groceries, and put stuff away before heading to the gym.

I have 2 birthdays coming up in the next week or so and that means presents.  One is a project I need to finish up and get in the mail but it might be a bit late (Sorry Jasi:) ).  I got a call from the Red Cross (finally) so hopefully I’ll actually get to start volunteering.  Most exciting though is an actual time has been set up for someone to take “The Beast” Yay!

Hopefully tomorrow I will be showing off my empty dining room corner and hope everyone else had a great weekend!

Vacation from Unemployment

I missed my little blog and found myself eager to get back into it even though I don’t really have anything exciting going on, it’s just nice to have an outlet to share your thoughts.  Christmas vacation was nice, although I joked with my mom that I didn’t know if it could exactly be considered a vacation but I guess it qualifies as vacation since I was out of town…

I took an extra day of Christmas vacation simply because I could and I don’t know when I’ll have that opportunity again where I can stay an extra day just because I want to without worrying about work or any other responsibilities (except for my cat, who seems to not be too upset at having to stay with the vet for one more night).  My holidays in the past typically involved taking maybe 3 days at my parents’ then rushing home to maybe enjoy one day of rest before rushing back to a hectic work schedule.  Sometimes we would celebrate before or after the holiday because the world of retail revolves around the holiday season, which can mean working the day before and the day after Christmas.

This visit was gloriously different.  I had time to see my aunts and cousin, watch a movie with my grandpa, and still have time to sleep in and spend several days just watching movies with my mom (finally finished all the Hobbit movies!).  I even had some time to snap some pictures when it snowed a couple days after Christmas.

When I was working I didn’t have the time to do all of these things, usually had to pick and choose what to do with this visit instead of simply being able to enjoy the time.  I would tell my grandpa that next time I come up we’ll do something or have to explain to my mom that I really just wanted to take a nap because I worked late the night before then got up to drive home and have to drive back in a day.

This visit was a reminder that the time with family is precious and meant to be enjoyed, not rushed.  Sometimes the holidays involve so much hustle and bustle that we forget to RELAX and enjoy the time together.

I’ve heard some people actually use their vacation hours and go on vacations without staying in constant contact with work.  I’m not sure if it’s realistic but I am going to work on becoming one of those people.  I don’t know what my next job will be but I’m going to do my best to curb my workaholic tendencies and remember that vacations are necessary.