The Usual Saturday Morning Routine

I say usual but this is only the second time;however, I’m kind of loving this Saturday morning routine of gym and Farmer’s Market.  I like getting up early, going to the gym on a quiet weekend morning then heading off to pick up some fresh produce.

The gym was good today.  I’d lightened some of my weights last week so I was glad I could increase the weights this week.  I think not going to the gym for awhile kinda set me back but I’m back on track.  It’s not that I want to be a serious weight lifter but I would like to be lifting 50lbs for most exercises, especially the cable ones like bicep curls, tricep pulldowns, and lat pulldowns.

I added dumbbells to my standing lunges today so I think I might feel that one tomorrow.  I also still need to get in my exercises for the 31 Day Core Challenge from Jordyn Ashley’s blog My Goodness.  I’d been trying to add some exercises on my own but having it all written out in a schedule makes it easy and I love the extra workouts.  Some of the moves I’ve never done but that’s part of what makes the blogging community so great is learning and finding inspiration from others 🙂

Back to the gym….I decided to weigh myself on the scale at the gym because I’m convinced my scale is broken.  I haven’t weighed myself at the gym in a couple months and it’s a real scale like you find at the doctor’s office.  I set the big number then slid the little dial up toward my usual number but was pleasantly surprised when I had to move the number down, then down a bit more.

It reassured me that yes, I have actually lost weight.  I’m now 4lbs from having lost 20lbs and it’s challenging to not focus on the number but I’ve gotten this far without obsessing so I’m not going to start now.  I’m just going to keep doing what I’m doing, although I’ve been fighting a serious sweet tooth the last couple days but I’m hoping all the fruit I bought today will be enough to satisfy it.  If not, I’ll walk to the store and buy a cupcake so I’ll quit obsessing 😉

The featured image shows my haul from Farmers Market.

All that good food for only $25!  1 pint raspberries, 1 pint huckleberries, green beans, green onions, lettuce, 1 lb sausage, dried apples with cinnamon, and 1 lemon cucumber.

I’ve never had a lemon cucumber but I love cucumbers. The girl at the stand said they’re like cucumbers and you can eat them just like an apple so I’m going to try it.  I already devoured the dried apples and the huckleberries are probably next…..

Tonight I’m going to make some of the green beans with rice and chicken.  I’m not really following my meal plan this week but I have been eating dinner every night.  Rice sounds oddly delicious, kind of a weird craving for me but at least it’s a healthy craving.

Happy Fourth of July and to all the people not celebrating, Happy Saturday! 😀

Waiting for the “Someday”

I received an email yesterday showing my FitBit weekly progress report, which showed I walked 8,699 steps 😡

I love/hate my FitBit because lately I’ve been spending most of my time fighting to get it to sync with the app so I can actually see how many steps I’m taking each day.  I finally got it to sync yesterday after deleting the app, reinstalling, and restarting my phone.  I was annoyed but happy to see it update my step count for the week to 62,067.

One of my goals for this week is to try to get in my daily steps more consistently.  I’m usually around 7,000 to 8,000 steps each day so I’d like to start hitting that 10,000 step mark each day.  I’m off to a decent start this week, although Sunday I didn’t even leave my house so I’m surprised it doesn’t show negative steps since all I did was sit at the computer all day.  Yesterday was a good day with 14,409 steps and despite the rain clouds looming in the distance I might head out to the arboretum in a bit.

Despite the fact that my reason for working out and eating healthier is primarily my health I can’t help but celebrate the changes in my body and the weight loss.

My weight in the past has hovered around the same weight but also gradually climbed over the years.  I would stabilize at one weight then find myself determined to not go above that weight but eventually the number would increase, new goals would be set and another declaration to not go above a certain weight.

Many women and men do this, pick a weight and decide you can’t go above that weight and once you do you either put all your energy into getting back to that weight or you do what I did, ignore it.  I ignored it and even though I would never admit it I accepted the extra 2lbs, 5lbs, 10lbs, and on and on.

In some ways I was approaching my weight and health with the same attitude as my career.  When my fairy godmother showed up to give me my amazing career she would also take care of my extra weight 😉  I wanted something to change but I was not really putting in the work to change anything, kind of settling, continuing to wait for the “someday”.
“Someday I’ll eat healthier”
“Someday I’ll work out more consistently”
“Someday I’ll lose this weight”
“Someday I’ll be more active”
“Someday I won’t binge eat”
“Someday I’ll change but I can’t right now because of….Insert long list of excuses here

Even though it’s been slow progress I’m down 12lbs!! 😀

I couldn’t help but jump for joy yesterday when I saw the scale dip down beyond the 10lb weight loss mark putting me 8lbs from having lost 20lbs.  This morning I was up a couple pounds but I didn’t panic because I’ve finally learned weight fluctuates so later today I might be the same or up or back down but the progress is found in the consistently lower numbers.  

I look at working out and eating healthier as a lifestyle change with benefits.  One of those benefits is weight loss.  I hoped instead of focusing all my energy on weight loss if I focused on changing my habits the weight loss would happen naturally and I was right.  It’s been slow but steady and I’m okay with slow.

I’ve been walking and working out at home but struggling to get into the gym and I think part of that is the loss of the schedule plus the nicer weather.  Like my meal plans I’ve been winging it with my daily schedule.  Unfortunately for me winging it means I don’t accomplish as much and tend to gravitate toward the things I really want to do rather than the things I need to get done.

Today the only thing I had scheduled was laundry so when I finished that by 9 I was left to wonder what to do with the rest of my day, which so far has been spent on the computer.  It’s time to step away from the computer and get outside.  This afternoon I’m writing out a schedule for the rest of the week so I can stay on track with my workouts and also accomplish some tasks.

I have so many things to do with the potential photography business, continuing to job search, and still getting out to enjoy life but I find I have less time to do all of those things if I don’t plan my day so tomorrow it’s back to the schedule.

Progress Report

I was a bit of a slacker last week.
I think I only made it into the gym twice.
It’s interesting how even when you think you have a habit of doing something you feel yourself start to slide back into old habits but recognizing the bad behavior is the first step to turning it around.

My goal is to make it into the gym 4 days this week for strength training.  I want to continue outdoor activities whenever possible because the weather is amazing!   Unfortunately rain is in the forecast for most of next week so I’m planning a hike at Kamiak Butte tomorrow.  That was a good challenging hike and only about 30 minutes away plus I’d like to see if it’s any easier this time around.

One problem I’ve run into this last week is my right ankle is acting up again and my knee has been a bit sore.  When I said I slipped but caught myself on my last hike, I caught myself with my knee….so it’s a bit angry.  I did make it into the gym today and for a 1.5 mile walk outside but I think part of my day will be devoted to ice and ibuprofen.  It’s frustrating when your body seems to rebel against you but I know taking it easy is better than risking more serious injury and long recovery times.

It’s especially frustrating because I’m finally starting to see real progress!  I’ve been taking pictures since January and I’m not quite ready to share progress pics yet (soon) but I will say there’s a difference between then and now.  Checking my measurements I’ve actually lost almost 7″ off my waist, 2″ off my hips, 3″ off my bust, everything else is about the same but I’m starting to see the changes in the mirror and it’s amazing.

The scale is showing me down almost 10lbs.  I struggle with the feeling that as long as I’ve been doing this I should have lost more but I’m noticing the numbers are consistently in a lower range so the weight I’m losing is not simply lost but gone forever! 😀

Slow progress is still progress.

I have to remind myself I’m making long-term changes to improve years of bad habits.
I’m not trying to win any contest.
I’m not trying to impress anyone.
I’m doing this for myself.
I started this lifestyle change because I had to but I’ve continued and will continue because it’s making me happier, healthier, and more confident.

I’m feeling very reflective lately as I realize this might be the month I finally have a big career change.  I’m definitely looking forward to getting back to work with a renewed spirit.  When I first started this journey I was pretty broken and scared but now I’m starting to feel like I have a better sense of self.  I’ve found parts of myself I thought were lost forever plus discovered new things about who I am, who I want in my life, and what I want for my future.

Regret is a natural part of life and I will regret some of my choices during this time but for the most part I’ll remember this transitional period as the time I took to change my life and set myself on a course toward genuine happiness.