Be Yourself

As a teenager I wore a dress that was fluorescent green and blue.  I wore it with a lime green sweater with an alligator on it, knee high socks, and platform heels.  I was the type of person who when riding with a group of friends would suggest we pull over to dance outside the car if a great song came on the radio.  I’ve always been a bit eccentric and a bit of a free spirit

As I grew older I made friends with people who were more conservative and I was always the wild, brave, adventurous, creative friend.  The first one on the dance floor, the one who would knock if we weren’t sure we were at the right place, the one who would go up to strangers at parties and say, “Who are you?”

I struggled with this part of my personality for a while and simply wanted to blend, wanted to be “normal”, didn’t want to be the “weird” friend.

In the last year or so, while I’ve been going through unemployment, finding a new job, changing my lifestyle, and everything else I’ve gone through I’ve learned about myself and who I am.  I’ve accepted my quirkiness.


I am eccentric.  I am a bit weird.  I’m artsy.  I’m sarcastic.  I’m silly.

It’s just part of who I am plus I think life is too short to worry about being serious all the time.  My job can be so serious and heavy that I have to remember all the good, light-hearted fun there is to be had in this world.

If I want to pose with statues, take pictures of clouds, talk to squirrels (okay, that one might be concerning), feed the crows (I had a dream I trained them to catch peanuts in the air when I threw them, we’re working on it), attempt to moon walk across the street, play on a playground, or sing Disney songs in the car that’s what I’m going to do because it makes me happy.  If I’m stuck in bumper to bumper traffic on the Interstate the only way to keep my sanity is lots of swearing and Disney songs.

I’m sure my dramatic rendition of “Let it Go” when I was stuck in traffic the other day was entertaining to those around me.  Plus, It’s not a terrible thing to let go every once and again to just have fun without worrying about what other people think.


I know a big part of my coming to terms with who I am was finding friends who accept and embrace me, and my random kookiness 😉  tumblr_mrfzrpuhx01rq8orvo1_500Friends who know if we’re in a toy store I’m going to push all the “try me” buttons on the stuffed animals.  Friends who know I’m attracted to sparkly things.  Friends who will wait while I take a picture of a lamp post or a tree or a crack in the sidewalk because I see something interesting in it.  Friends who know I might just start singing along if I hear a song I like…at the grocery store.

I’m not sure how to wrap this post up but I guess the best way would be to say


Okay, Maybe a better way would be to say simply to

…..Be Yourself. 


…Unless you can be Batman.  That’s the exception to the rule 😀


Working Wardrobe Wednesday

FullSizeRender (46)I don’t know why I look so scowly in this first picture but if I had to guess it was because I bought this super cute lace/crochet tank top for only $2 thinking it would be cute under a little cardigan but it wasn’t working for me.  Instead of trying out some things the night before I waited until I was getting ready for work in the morning 🙄

I have to say I loved this shirt when I tried it on in the store and especially loved it when it rang up at only $2.  I think it will be perfect for summer but I would like to get some use out of it this winter so I began to experiment.

First it was with a black tank top and black sweater but I think the neckline of the tank was weird with the neckline of the cardigan so I moved onto plan B.

I think I might try to find a tank with the same high neckline and see how that looks with it but in the mean time I’m using what I already have hanging around in my closet so I decided I needed to get closer to the color, which is a pale grey.

The look below worked but there was still something off about it.  I felt like everything matched and should have gone together but it still didn’t look right so I’m going to keep experimenting with this shirt.

FullSizeRender (47)
I had $15 super cash from Old Navy that I had been saving for the perfect vest and Ta-Dah!  FullSizeRender (45)I found it!  I tried on an XL but it was a bit snug and the point of the vest is to be able to layer it over other clothes so I wanted to go up a size but had to scour the store for about 10 minutes before finally finding my size.  Vest mission accomplished! 😀

It’s one of my favorite pieces now and I have to say I will wear it with practically anything.  This weekend it was a light pullover, yesterday at work it was a thermal, and a flannel.

It’s warm, comfortable, and already worth the money, which with the super cash was only about $15.  Yay!

This morning I found this sweater lurking in the back of my closet.  I love the fit but am still questioning why I bought a sweater with a jaguar on the chest.  I’ll probably wear it on the weekends but after some deliberation I decided it’s not going into my work wardrobe.  
oday I wanted to feel cute and girly.  Lately, I feel like I’ve been craving pink and cutesy the way people crave chocolate.  I think my job is in the masculine category so I find myself working to maintain my femininity without overdoing it.  I went simple, black cardigan, striped tee, and my favorite jeans….the cat shrug is a bit much so I took it off before I left for work XDIMG_0344

Hope everyone is having a lovely week!  It’s been good here but getting cold so my wardrobe is all about layers, so I’m working on finding ways to bundle without looking bulky.  I should have some new looks next week!

The Single Life

I spent the last decade or so of my life in a college town, which if you’ve never lived in one before is different from living in a town without a college as the epicenter of it’s existence.  The town was beautiful and the people were nice but I did have one major dilemma with the dating pool.

Most of the eligible bachelors were between the ages of 18-early to mid twenties so unless I wanted to go the whole cougar route I struggled to meet guys my age so it’s refreshing to be in an area with single people over the age of 25.

I’m worried I offended one of my younger friends when I mentioned my excitement at meeting a friend just a few years younger and spending time with my best friend who is my age.  I love my younger friends.  I say they help keep me young and translate all the new slang for me XD but I know I’ve changed so much in the time between 25 to 35.  I know they will too, even though you’re technically an adult at 25 you still have some growing up to do.  There’s so much life experience in that age range but you don’t realize just how much until you’ve lived it.

Life is different in your 30’s and that includes dating.    30d

A few things stay the same but there’s quite a few differences.

What I looked for in a guy when I was in my 20’s

  • Good Looking
  • Likes to Party
  • Has a job and a car

That was pretty much it, and honestly the job and car were negotiable as long as he could afford to go out partying.  Did I mention good looking?  Back then it was all about having fun, partying, and pretending like you were invincible while ignoring all serious thoughts of the future.

What I’m looking for in my 30’s

  • Kind and polite
  • Good sense of humor
  • Has a job
  • Has short and long term goals
  • Open to new experiences

The “in my 30’s” list could go on and on but those are the major ones.  It’s not all about the looks anymore.  If there’s anything I’ve learned it’s that attraction will grow when you have a genuine connection with someone.  I try to remind my younger friends of this but when you’re younger it’s easier to get hung up on looks and other people’s perceptions.

Basically, I realized I’m finally really ready to try dating.  I’ve said it before but I mean it this time.  I think another Friday night on the couch watching movies on my own made me long for some companionship, other than Jame the cat, who although fluffy, adorable, and great at cuddling (except for the claw massages) is really a terrible conversationalist.

It’s scary because it’s been a really, really, really, really, really, really long time and also just because it’s scary to put yourself out there in a position to meet new people.  People who could be terrible, amazing, or meh.  It’s weird but it just feels like the right time.  I’m at a better place with my career.  I’m more confident with myself.  I feel like I’m ready to see if I can find someone I enjoy spending time with plus whether they’re good or bad dates make for great blog posts.  Wish me luck! 😉