No Meal Plans+ Lazy Days

I started writing my meal plan on Sunday then I had people come over for dinner that night, then Monday was busy, then Tuesday was trivia….Once it hits Wednesday it gets a little late in the week for meal plans.  I’ll definitely be back next week because it really does help keep me on track.

No meal plans + Not feeling great = Me not eating well and not working out.


That gif sums up how I’ve felt about everything this week.

I did okay Monday, Tuesday I went out for dinner, Wednesday I ordered pizza…the pizza gave me so many regrets.  I’ve been eating fairly well, so I think the cheesy, greasy pizza was too much.


I woke up this morning desiring nothing more than to curl back up in bed but I made myself head into work.  I left early, took a 2 hour nap, and am feeling much better.  I think a good night’s sleep and I’ll be back to me.

Part of it is just stress.  I have so much to do coming up in the next few weeks.  It’s exciting, and a bit overwhelming.  Mariners baseball game.  Work conference for a few days.  Flying to Spokane.  Cinderella, the musical.  AND THE COLOR RUN will cap off my multi-weekend craziness then I will sleep for a week 😀

Sunday I had a great workout but that was my last one.  It doesn’t help that it’s been so rainy all week but I still could’ve gone to the gym.

I have to remind myself of this:  A few bad days doesn’t mean all is lost.

I’m hoping to go out walking tomorrow.  Nothing too intense because I have a 5 mile hike planned for the weekend then I can get back into a routine next week.

I’m going to start a workout plan to help me with running.  I’ve been kind of winging it, and telling myself I’ll just make it up as I go but I think I need to develop some discipline.  My routine last week was to walk every day of the week, at least 3-4 miles.  I would run when I felt like it but that wasn’t very often.

I’m not sure what I’m doing is helping me make progress.  I think I’m going to try one of the couch to 5K plans again.  I have a 5K in a couple weeks, 2 in June, 2 in August, then I think an 8K in October.  That might have to be it for awhile unless I find an amazing deal on something because races can be expensive.

On the subject of expensive I’ll have a post coming out soon about budgeting.  Next month is going to be “Spend No Money May”

That’s all for now.  Just wanted to write a quick post tonight since I missed Monday.  Hope everyone is having a great week!  I’m so glad it’s almost Friday!!!!!


A Brief Hiatus

I’m going to be busy for the next week or so and don’t anticipate getting any writing done during that time frame.  I recently became an Auntie so I’m going to meet my new nephew and plan to focus on enjoying my time with him, as well as my brother and sister in law 🙂

Things that I’ll be continuing to work on:

  1.  Stretching every night.  I’ve skipped a few nights and can really feel it so starting tonight it’s back in the routine.
  2. No french fries 😮  I told a coworker I was going to try going without fries for a couple months.  She asked if I was doing it for Lent, so I said yes and she said she would do it too.  It’s weird because since I’ve given them up I want them more but I’m going to persist through this and explore other side options when I go out to eat.
  3. Walking-Jogging-Running.  My next 10K is coming up in April and right now I’m a little nervous about it so I want to get back into walking regularly.  I’ve kind of slacked off the last couple weeks, using the “stress” and “busy” excuse.  “I’m way too busy and stressed out to work out!!”  Reality is always I can take 30 minutes to go to the gym or go for a walk outside.
  4. Relaxing and enjoying vacation!!  It’s been awhile since I’ve been on a real vacation so I’m very excited!

Hope everyone has a great week!



I’ll be back weekend after next with a new goal of writing every day!


Pizza Lisa & Tutu Tasha

Last weekend I completed my 6th race!  This one was extremely laid back and neither of us were worried about time for this one. The theme was for Comicon here in Seattle.  It was just a great excuse to throw on capes, tutus, and eye masks to go walk around a major park in Seattle Saturday morning 🙂


I’m trying to prepare for my next big one in April.  It’s a 10K.  I’m going it alone.  It might be weird but I kind of wanted to do one on my own to see how I do.  Would I jog or run more?  Would I walk faster or slower?  I’m mostly just curious to see if my time will be better or worse……plus I get a medal and a t-shirt 😉

The rest of my races so far this year are fun 5K’s but I think I’m going to do another 10K in October.  It’s so addicting.  I think the environment is just so positive.  The people I’ve met in the running community are nice and encouraging.

Before signing up for any races, I spent way too much time worrying that I would be the person at the back of the pack and that people would judge me for being slow.  I learned quickly it’s an accomplishment just getting out there and other people see that as well.  I’ve never felt any negative attention or judgement from anyone at any race.

I’m at a place where I appreciate the accomplishment.  I like being able to say, “I completed a 5K or a 10K this weekend”  Accomplishment feels good so I plan to continue with those good feelings.

I feel like I’m finally starting to live my life.  I’ve talked about it at length before but I spent way too long worrying about everything and hiding from the world but no more!  Tutu Tasha is ready to take on all the new challenges life throws her way!

Challenge tonight is to get some dinner cooked before it gets too much later and get in some downtime before another long day of work tomorrow.  Hope everyone is having a great week!  Happy Wednesday!