A Brief Hiatus

I’m going to be busy for the next week or so and don’t anticipate getting any writing done during that time frame.  I recently became an Auntie so I’m going to meet my new nephew and plan to focus on enjoying my time with him, as well as my brother and sister in law 🙂

Things that I’ll be continuing to work on:

  1.  Stretching every night.  I’ve skipped a few nights and can really feel it so starting tonight it’s back in the routine.
  2. No french fries 😮  I told a coworker I was going to try going without fries for a couple months.  She asked if I was doing it for Lent, so I said yes and she said she would do it too.  It’s weird because since I’ve given them up I want them more but I’m going to persist through this and explore other side options when I go out to eat.
  3. Walking-Jogging-Running.  My next 10K is coming up in April and right now I’m a little nervous about it so I want to get back into walking regularly.  I’ve kind of slacked off the last couple weeks, using the “stress” and “busy” excuse.  “I’m way too busy and stressed out to work out!!”  Reality is always I can take 30 minutes to go to the gym or go for a walk outside.
  4. Relaxing and enjoying vacation!!  It’s been awhile since I’ve been on a real vacation so I’m very excited!

Hope everyone has a great week!



I’ll be back weekend after next with a new goal of writing every day!


Meal Plan Monday

I was really beating myself up for taking time off last week but when I looked at the week on my FitBit app I didn’t feel too bad.  I had a kick-ass Sunday with over 20,000 steps.  I went to the gym Monday, Wednesday, and Friday then took Tuesday and Thursday off.  I walked 5+ miles each of my gym days, so not too shabby.

I think I was close to 80,000 steps for the week.


The challenges really push me to do more.  I know I wouldn’t have made it to the gym  consistently if I wasn’t in a challenge.   I’m in 2 Work Week Hustle Challenges this week on FitBit.


I love and hate the challenges because they push me and make me crazy, so………one of my goals this week is to not make myself super crazy trying to beat everyone, recognize my own accomplishments, and push myself to do just a little bit better every week.

Onto the food….

I’ve been good and bad.  For some reason my junk food cravings are off the chart. I want to go to the drive thru and order enough food for 2 meals.  I’ve been wanting to binge eat, just eat everything in sight.

My theory right now is stress.

Last week a friend revealed on Facebook she had been raped a few weeks ago.  A friend shared information about her marriage that was very sad.  My own personal family worries.  On top of that I deal with dark, heavy topics at work all day.  I can’t lie.  I think everything got to me last week and I wanted to turn to food for comfort.


Thankfully I didn’t go that route, except for that small bag of cheetos and an oversized bowl of pasta one afternoon.  I tried to hide myself from the world


but after dinner with a friend last night and a phone conversation with another today I feel so much better.  I have to remind myself constantly to not internalize everything.  The weight of the world doesn’t have to be on my shoulders because I’m lucky enough to have some amazing people to help me out.

Meal Plan Monday post went a bit deeper than I planned for it to go but it is what it is 🙂

Some of the prep I’ve done this week:

I cooked 2 chicken breasts tonight that will last me dinners and lunches until Thursday.  I cut up 2 cucumbers for snacks and lunches, also finishing off the giant container of cherry tomatoes I bought.  Cutting up a head of cauliflower and broccoli tomorrow night for snacking and for dinner later in the week.

Throwing away some strawberries…I rarely eat them, why do I buy them so consistently? . Also, some eggs.  If I’m going to buy the big pack at Costco I need to boil some and make some ahead of time for workweek breakfasts.

I’m once again taking a closer look at my budget and reigning in the expenses but that’s something for another post.  Have a great week!!

Chicken-I ended up on the phone for over an hour with a friend while snacking on pieces cut off a chicken breast, now it’s after 8:00 so I don’t want to eat a whole meal.  I’m going to have a snack then head to bed.  Monday’s meal moves to Wednesday.

Out for Dinner

Chicken stir fry-I bought a big bag of stir fry veggies from Costco and I’m thinking this will last me for many, many meals.

Baked potato and sausage

Cauliflower pizza

The End of the Week

It’s Friday so let’s sum up some of the highlights of my week with Instagram photos.  The featured image is from a great sunrise this week.

Tuesday I skipped my midday walk to meet up with a coworker for lunch.  I felt guilty but on the bright side I found a great burger place.  There’s so many little places around here that you might just drive by if you judged them from the outside but then the food and service are amazing!  I loved the old school diner decor in this place.  Phone Pics March 096

Drawing keeps me from eating all night when I’m home watching TV and this is my latest Starbucks cup creation 🙂  Phone Pics March 101Thursday I headed out from work to my other work location and along the way I decided I needed to stop for a minute.  I parked, set my timer for 15 minutes and headed down to the path by the Snohomish River.  It was such a pretty walk.  I’ll definitely be back when I have more time.  Phone Pics March 107While I was walking along the river I heard this little squeaking noise and looked up to see a hummingbird perched on a branch.  I wished I had my real camera to zoom in on him because I never see hummingbirds just hanging out.  They’re usually zipping around but this one didn’t even fly away as I moved in closer trying to get the best pic possible with my phone.  It’s not a sharp image of the bird but I like it.  Phone Pics March 134The last shot is from yesterday’s walk.  This was one side of the lake, blue skies and fluffy clouds.  Phone Pics March 156Then I turned around to darker clouds and darker waters.  The wind was so strong and shortly after this pic it started raining again but even though I was cold I still felt better after walking.  Phone Pics March 157It’s finally Friday!  I’m in a step challenge over the weekend but it’s supposed to be rainy all weekend so I’m going to have to get creative to get my steps.  Sunday a friend and I are going to do some mall walking then tomorrow I need to run some errands if I can find the motivation…..honestly, right now sleeping in and laying on the couch watching movies all day sounds much more appealing.  Maybe I can strike a deal with myself, run errands then lay on the couch but we’ll see how it goes 😉

Happy Weekend Everyone!!!!!!!!