Whiny Weight Gain Wednesday

Ugggghhhhh……I’m skipping Working Wardrobe Wednesday this week because I ran into a bit of a snag this week. I realized 2 things this morning as I began to pile hangers and discarded clothes onto my bed.

  1.  I realized planning my wardrobe for the week really is a good idea.
  2. I realized I was facing the same dilemma as Austin Powers faced in one of his movies,

“I lost my mojo”


Perhaps Dr. Evil stole it……(Now I just want to watch Austin Powers movies)  Anyways, I’ve been feeling super cute and confident in all my work clothes over the last few weeks but this week I felt like I’d lost my mojo, or my groove, or whatever you choose to call it.

Gone was the confidence replaced with feeling like a short, boring, blob.  I tried on at least 4 different outfits this morning and hated all of them even outfits I’d loved in the past were discarded to the rejection pile.  I proclaimed each outfit to be more dreary than the next

I’ve been racking my brain all morning trying to figure out what’s going on with me.  I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I might simply be having an off week.  There’s no rule that says because I have confidence in myself I’m not going to ever feel any shred of doubt or have days where I feel fat or unattractive.  I was going to say ugly but I find that word to be so harsh and I don’t really feel ugly just not well put together, a little “off my game” lol.

Today I’ve resigned myself to gray slacks, black thermal, and the same dark purple cardigan I wore yesterday.

Warm, comfortable, and a bit dreary…….

That was yesterday.

This morning I felt the weight gain before I even pulled out the scale.  I don’t know why but I feel like I have a better understanding of my body now to the point where I could tell I had gained about 3 pounds.  Poor eating habits over the weekend trickled over into the first part of the week, not completely but I definitely had a few things I knew I should be avoiding.  Also, I haven’t been working out consistently.

The sad part was what happened this morning.  I stepped on the scale, saw that I had gained 3 pounds, and the first words out of my mouth were “I guess I need to quit eating” o_O  Not, “I should probably get off my ass at night or in the morning and work out” or “Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten 3 slices of pizza for dinner last night” or “I need to start walking more”

Nope, it was that I should stop eating.  That makes sense 🙄

Instead of thinking about the healthy changes I could make in my life I decided in that instant the best choice was to cut off all forms of nourishment.  I know it was an exaggeration but right after I said it I realized I still have a ways to go in changing my mindset.

Plan of action is to get the eating fully back on track, reading labels, watching sugars, not allowing myself to fall into the quick, easy, processed food trap (it’s so easy when you’re busy and working), and start trying some new foods again.  I’m in a new city with a greater variety of grocery shopping locations, plus being in a different region gives me food options I wouldn’t find in other places.  For example, close to the ocean means lots of seafood options so I need to start checking out new recipes.

Also, get into some kind of workout routine!!!!!

It really is challenging because after work I don’t feel like doing anything but I know I would feel better if I worked out so I think I might give early morning workouts a try.  It’s a quick walk to the fitness center at my place so since I still have two more workdays this week I’m going to commit to giving it a try tomorrow morning plus a bit of floor work and strength training tonight.

I think I’m done whining and have put together a solid plan to get myself back on track because I’ve been feeling so good I don’t want to throw away all my progress.  If you’re made it this far thanks for reading my whiny post and hope everyone is having a great week! 😀

Progress Report

I told myself I wasn’t going to do a weigh in until the end of next week (give myself enough time to get rid of all my period bloat) but it’s like a compulsion and I can’t seem to stop myself as I dig out my scale.  Hoping for the best but seeing no change I feel discouraged but as I took my shower this morning I began to think about all the times I quit, why I quit, when I quit and realized that even though I haven’t had much weight loss I’m further than I’ve been in probably a decade.

The last time I decided to work out was over the summer and I went walking a few times a week for about 2 weeks then work got crazy so I gave up.  The times before that were all about the same, 2 weeks then something happened so I quit.

Eating was the about the same.  I would place myself on a diet, which of course meant salad, chicken, veggies, and rice.  There was no cheating or exploring new foods I would just default to the foods people eat when they want to lose weight.  I restricted myself, didn’t make any plans for long-term change, so I would eventually splurge, lose all hope, and go back to my old eating habits.

Food is still a bit of a struggle but I’m working on it and turning into someone I never thought I would be, a person who cares about what she eats.  I’m researching foods and nutrition facts, trying to make sure I provide my body with what it needs rather than mindlessly eating.

I drive past a McDonalds every day.  There’s always some part of me that thinks about stopping, thinks about the foods (chicken sandwich and fries) I used to enjoy but I always keep driving.  My trick to deter me from poor food choices is to visualize the food, imagine eating it, and imagine how I would feel afterward, for some reason that’s usually enough for me to know I don’t want it.  If you had told me 2 months ago I could use visualization techniques to stop from eating fast food I would have called you crazy but it works for me.

This is my 4th week with the gym and this week alone I’ve already done 7 miles on the treadmill and should hit 12 by the end of the week.  I’m even doing a bit of jogging, well it’s more like picking up my feet a bit more and shuffling along at a fast pace but I’m going to keep trying.  I’m doing strength training 3 days a week and have increased my starting weights by about 10 pounds on almost all the machines.

I have to remind myself I’m fighting years of bad habits and a bit of poor genetics but I will be successful this time.  This morning, even though I was tired, I couldn’t come up with an excuse to not work out plus I didn’t go yesterday so I actually kind of wanted to go today (crazy I know).  Even though I’m about 3 workouts from the 21 days to make a habit I think I’m already there because I’m questioning it less and just know it’s what I do, I work out 🙂

Blogging really helps keep me on track because I wouldn’t have much to write about if I sat on the couch all day so I keep moving and continue to appreciate all the support and advice from fellow bloggers, readers, friends, and family.  You all help keep me going.

Gym Lessons from a Beginner

One of my favorite motivational fitness quotes says “It takes 4 weeks for you to see your body changing, it takes 8 weeks for your friends and family, it takes 12 weeks for the rest of the world, Keep going”

I love this because it reminds me that change takes time.  As I finish up week 3 and get ready for week 4 I’m still not seeing weight loss but I am starting to see more definition in my arms and legs, plus I’m waiting until the end of next week to do a real weigh in since I’m all bloaty this week.

Even though I’m still a gym novice and about 6 days away from the 21 day habit creation I thought I would share a few things I’ve learned during this process.

1.  Lay out your clothes the night before, if you’re super ambitious plan out your clothes for your entire workout week.  I’ve read this before and it’s one of the greatest tips.  I found spending too much time figuring out what to wear kills my motivation so I always have my clothes laid out.

2.  Following the subject of clothes I have to say wear what’s comfortable to you-I was seeing lots of women wearing spandex leggings while I was wearing sweat pants so I thought I should get some spandex leggings but when I wore them I didn’t feel comfortable.  I ended up finding a pair of yoga pants that were fitted but flared and more cotton than spandex.
I don’t really notice what someone is wearing unless I really like it or if it seems out of place (like the girl in plaid flannel pajama pants I guess if that’s all you got, you work it).

3.  Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed-I’m overweight so I do have that constant fear of being judged but I convinced myself that I’m in the gym working on not being overweight so if people want to judge me for my body type that’s their problem.  I still work on this one because I sometimes worry that someone’s judging me for spending only 10 minutes on the elliptical or switching machines but I realized everyone has their routine.  Honestly, from what I’ve seen the majority of people are more focused on their own routine than the people around them, everyone is there to work out.

4.  Don’t be afraid to push yourself but also listen to your body.  I remind myself that I don’t have to keep pace with anyone and I don’t have to run to work hard.  Do I want to jump on the treadmill and run for 30 minutes?  Yes.  Am I near that point yet?  No, so I go at my own pace, work hard, and leave with a sense of accomplishment.  I push myself but I try to keep it within reason so I don’t injure myself or burn out.  Every step is a step toward a goal.

5.  Set goals that work for you.  I’m not setting weight loss goals right now because I know missing a weight loss goal has the potential to devastate my progress, that’s just me.  Even though I want to lose weight I’m focusing on the get healthy aspect, create the routine, then maybe I’ll want to set weight loss goals.  Right now my goals revolve around improving my fitness levels.  Over the last few weeks I’ve worked from 5 minutes to 10 minutes on the elliptical next week I’m going to try 15 minutes (baby steps).

I definitely don’t have it all figured out and I’m learning everyday.  I certainly never thought I would be the person spouting motivational sayings or giving tips for working out but I am and I’m really enjoying it.  Joining the gym helped me to find my fitness groove and it might not be for everyone so I encourage everyone to try different activities, whether Zumba, walking, fitness videos, Yoga classes, etc, whatever works to get you moving.

My biggest lesson would be to just have fun, keep moving, and don’t look back 🙂