Working Wardrobe Wednesday-The Weekend Hat Edition

I planned to have a Working Wardrobe post up  on Wednesday but it didn’t happen.

Style is constantly evolving and I am far from a fashionista but I do enjoy feeling confident in what I’m wearing.  For me, a great outfit can drastically improve my outlook for the day, which in turn improves my mood.  A positive mood definitely helps one to have a more positive day.

The hat in the featured image was something I wanted but I watched and waited for it to go on sale before purchasing (something I never would’ve done in the past).  Sometimes waiting is good because it eliminates the impulse buy.  I’ve waited and gone back to try something on only to find out I didn’t completely love it so if I go back and still want it I know it’s a piece I’ll love.

I’ve worn the hat a few times this week already, it’s love ❤

It’s something I might have liked a few years ago but wouldn’t have been confident enough to wear because I would worry it was too different 😕  Now I realize different isn’t always bad, wear what makes you happy 😀

FullSizeRender (56).jpgI bought this striped shirt a few months ago but it’s been sitting in the back of the closet.  I liked it when I bought it but I think it was so different from what I usually wear something in my mind thought it wouldn’t work.  I’ll have to get a picture without the sweater but it’s just a striped shirt and it works great with skinny jeans and boots.




FullSizeRender (54)

Another outfit with my beloved vest.  Some pieces you bring into your wardrobe and they are instantly worth the investment because you wear them everyday.  I pretty much live in this vest.  Getting ready to head to work that morning I felt very put together with the scarf and striped sweater.





The next outfit I might have to try another pic one day this week.  It’s basically a black lace t-shirt.  I remember trying it on when I was shopping with a friend and she hated it but I kind of loved it.  At the time I put it back then went back and bought it, should’ve just bought it when I first saw it but at the time I was a bit more influenced by what other people thought.

FullSizeRender (53)The lace makes it a little bit sexy but the collar is high enough I can wear it to work under a cardigan.  This week I paired it with a black cardigan and received several compliments from coworkers about the outfit.  It’s a good shirt for both going out or for work, which are the kind of pieces I want in my wardrobe.

I’m planning to go through my closet again this weekend because I think it’s time to let some things go.  As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, styles change so it’s good to go through the closet every so often and let go of some of the pieces from the past.

The last pic is just a fun one but it shows my favorite scarf.  After seeing “A Christmas Story” I saw this car outside a hotel, posed for a pic then sent it to my brother telling him it was my Christmas present from mom.FullSizeRender (55).jpg

He may deny it but I had him for a minute, lol.

I’m breaking out of my planned hermit mode this weekend and heading to a movie with a friend in Seattle.  We’re skipping the big movie of the weekend (you guys know the one) and most likely sitting in an empty theater to enjoy a movie that came out ages ago, Mockingjay, Part II.  I’m not looking forward to driving to Seattle the weekend before Christmas but I realize I need to continue to push myself out of my driving comfort zone and continue to learn to drive in the city.

Whatever your plans, whether it’s hibernating, wrapping presents, looking at lights, braving the crowds at the mall, binging on Netflix, or joining the hoards watching Hans and Chewy….hope y’all enjoy the weekend!





In lieu of Working Wardrobe Wednesday I decided to keep it within the realm of style but switch it up a bit from clothing to home.

This weekend I did some decorating in a continued effort to settle into my new place.  It’s slowly starting to feel more like home and the decorating is the fun part of moving.  Once you get all unpacked you start to put pictures on the wall, arrange the shelves, hang curtains, all the little things that make a space start to feel like your own.  My style is a bit more eclectic than many of my friends who tend to go more on the conservative side.

My space is usually balancing a fine line between clean and cluttered.  I love open space but I also love my stuff.  😀

The corner shown in the featured image is one of my favorite spots in the apartment.  At first I thought it was too cluttered but it’s grown on me.  It’s still a bit busy but has some of my favorite things, my knick-knacks, my vintage purses, my record player, my fabulous thrift store chair, and my scarves.

FullSizeRender (29)

My goal is to one day make a cute shower curtain out of all these scarves but in the meantime I like to use them for wall decorations.

Command hooks are the best!!!!  As you can see some of these have been painted gold to make them look a bit fancier than the white plastic.  You can buy them in different sizes to hold different weights. They simply stick on the wall and come off the wall easily, which is a huge bonus for apartment dwellers.

The mirror pictured below was a fantastic thrift store find at $13.  I made it my own with some bright blue paint but I’ve been considering redoing it in a deep purple or maybe stick with the bright, fun colors and do like a fuchsia.  The great thing about most furniture pieces is if you don’t like it and have a little bit of ambition and a can of paint it’s easy to change.    FullSizeRender (27)Part two of the mirror project came about this last weekend when I decided I wanted to have hooks to hang on the wall for coats and bags but most of the coat racks I found that I liked were out of my budget so I decided to make my own.  I bought 2 boards at a craft store, $5, a 4 pack of mug hooks, $1, and since I didn’t feel like painting I dug into my expansive washi tape collection (if you don’t know what it is check it out, like masking tape, removable and comes in tons of fun styles).  FullSizeRender (28)I was happy with how it came out and it’s another piece that if I decide I hate the tape or just get bored it’s easy to change it up.

FullSizeRender (25)I couldn’t write about home without addressing my lovely book collection.  When I first moved in I was so mad because my books didn’t fit back onto the shelves properly.  I was frustrated trying to give each book it’s proper place but as the weeks go by I like the randomness of the books haphazardly on the shelves.  I started adding in more of my knick-knacks and found I loved it ❤

I’m still rearranging and might have an opportunity to get a couch soon!  Right now I’m sitting in my computer chair, a large ottoman, or laying on the floor so a couch would be nice.

I’m finding it’s a combination of mental and physical aspects coming together to make this place feel more like home.  I think I have a ways to go with both aspects but everyday I’m making huge strides toward settling into my new home.  🙂

What’s your favorite part of your home?  Do you have a piece of furniture or something else that really makes it your space?