I’m Back!

It’d been awhile since I’d taken a real vacation.  I love the occasional long weekend but it was nice to have a week away from work and get to go someplace more than a day’s drive away.  I also had never been to DC or Virginia before.

Most of my first day of vacation was spent on a plane

IMG_7508.JPGthen I arrived and met this guy….


My first official day of vacation was wonderful.  The temperature was around 70 and it was a beautiful day so my brother and I set out on a walk in a nearby park.

We explored the Civil War site along the Potomac River.  It was a good walk and I was glad we got out that day because the rest of the time the weather was not quite as nice.

That was okay with me because most of my days were dedicated to enjoying time with my brother, his wife, and baby Martin.  He’s such a good baby, and I miss spending time just holding him…or watching him sleep.  Watching people sleep sounds creepy but I think with babies it’s okay.


Sunday my brother took me into DC.  I went back and forth on if I wanted to go do the tourist thing because the trip was really about the baby but I’d never been to DC so I really wanted to check it out.  It was cold.  Real cold.  Waiting for the metro in 30 degree temperature had me questioning if I really wanted to play tourist that day.  I toughed it out and thankfully the weather warmed up a bit as the day progressed.

DC has so many attractions and is so big I had to narrow down my list of “Attractions I want to see in D.C.”

Final list:  Arlington Cemetery, Washington Monument, The White House, The Museum of Natural History

Arlington Cemetery is difficult to describe.  It’s sobering, moving, emotional, and everyone should visit at least once.  DC 2017 076

We were fortunate enough to arrive just in time to see the changing of the guard at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier but I had one complaint.

Cell phones.  I was very moved by the experience but struggled to see some of it because people had to hold up their cell phones to record it.  I love to record memories and take pictures but I’m starting to realize sometimes I just want to enjoy the experience and be present in the moment.  Also, cell phones are just not appropriate in some situations.  Put it away for a minute.  Enjoy the experience.

Rant over.  After Arlington we walked to the National Mall to see the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Monument, and WWII Memorial.IMG_7626.JPGYes, I know it looks photo shopped but I can assure you I was there 🙂

Next was the Museum of Natural History.  It was tough to choose one museum but I love dinosaurs .
FullSizeRender (15).jpg

We only explored most of one floor so I can’t wait to go back to see the rest.

We wandered to the White House.  IMG_7690.JPG

I got 30,000 steps that day 😀

The last few days were back to holding baby.  I feel like I probably didn’t help out as much with the baby as the grandparents probably did on their visits but hopefully the times I watched him allowed the parents a little bit of sleep and some relaxing time.

It was tough to leave, and riding in the back with the baby on the way to the airport I found myself tearing up.  I know he’s going to grow up so fast and I worry about missing out because I’m so far away.  Plus I miss spending time with my brother and his wife.  We only see each other once every 3-5 years or so but hopefully we’ll start shortening that time frame.

I don’t think I’m ready to migrate to the East Coast because I genuinely love the PNW and my job (most of the time) but I am going to make the effort to visit more often (but not too often.  Don’t panic guys but maybe keep working on finishing the basement 😉  ).

My brother sent me a text saying he didn’t know how I enjoyed vacation because I hadn’t written a blog post so I hope this works for an official review of my time in Virginia/D.C.

I would give the vacation 9.5/10 stars just because it snowed….and nobody’s perfect 😀

DC 2017 194

I have several posts in the works…budgets, meal plans, and I’ve got a race in a few weeks that I’m not prepared for at all, plenty to write about, so stay tuned….













A Brief Hiatus

I’m going to be busy for the next week or so and don’t anticipate getting any writing done during that time frame.  I recently became an Auntie so I’m going to meet my new nephew and plan to focus on enjoying my time with him, as well as my brother and sister in law 🙂

Things that I’ll be continuing to work on:

  1.  Stretching every night.  I’ve skipped a few nights and can really feel it so starting tonight it’s back in the routine.
  2. No french fries 😮  I told a coworker I was going to try going without fries for a couple months.  She asked if I was doing it for Lent, so I said yes and she said she would do it too.  It’s weird because since I’ve given them up I want them more but I’m going to persist through this and explore other side options when I go out to eat.
  3. Walking-Jogging-Running.  My next 10K is coming up in April and right now I’m a little nervous about it so I want to get back into walking regularly.  I’ve kind of slacked off the last couple weeks, using the “stress” and “busy” excuse.  “I’m way too busy and stressed out to work out!!”  Reality is always I can take 30 minutes to go to the gym or go for a walk outside.
  4. Relaxing and enjoying vacation!!  It’s been awhile since I’ve been on a real vacation so I’m very excited!

Hope everyone has a great week!



I’ll be back weekend after next with a new goal of writing every day!


No Hawaii for me :(

Some people I know are in Hawaii for vacation.  I had the opportunity to go and would have only had to pay for airfare plus whatever I wanted to do when I was in Hawaii so the decision to not go was not an easy one.  If the store wouldn’t have closed I definitely would be kicking back on the beach with a coconut drink right now but sometimes life happens.

I went back and forth trying to decide what I should do and it definitely wasn’t easy when most of the people I talked to were very pro-Hawaii (of course, who discourages a trip to Hawaii?).

The pros are that I’m not working so I didn’t have to worry about getting the time off work and when might I have this kind of free time again?  I technically have the money.  I can always job hunt when I get back.  It’s Hawaii.

The cons are that I’m not working so I don’t have a steady income.  Some people encouraged me to find a job before I left but I didn’t want to find a job, move, then go on a week long vacation plus I’m sure most employers aren’t fans of new employees asking for a week off.

Part of me thinks it would have been fine but I didn’t want to take the chance of finding a great job and either risking it for a vacation or losing money on plane tickets because I couldn’t take the time off.  People reassured me that any employer would understand but as a manager I can tell you that if someone said in an interview that they would need a week off right away I would be hesitant, especially if I needed to fill that position right away.  Sometimes I hate being responsible.

Last week when I talked to a friend I finally came to the conclusion that I was not in a good place to take a vacation.  Who wants to go on vacation when they’re wondering when they’re going to find a job?  I also would have been worried about spending too much money and I know from experience going on vacation when you’re worried about money does not make for a positive experience.

It’s a bit surreal being unemployed.  I’ve kind of fallen into a routine but the thought that I don’t have money coming in right now is always on my mind.  I did finally apply for unemployment so that will help with the bills and I’m still in a good place but that doesn’t always stop the anxiety.  I’m applying for jobs that I really want right now but in a few weeks I’m going to have to swallow my pride and start applying for jobs that might not be my first choice but would get me moving in the right direction.

Basically while I stare out the window at the gray cold I can’t help but think about what I might be doing in Hawaii right now….I push these thoughts aside because I know I made the right choice and there will be other vacations in my future.