Meal Plan Monday

I’m back 🙂 Hopefully I’ve still got some readers out there and welcome to any new readers.  It’s been a long time and I did an update in my post, The Last Year.  It’ll give you a brief rundown of what’s been going on for the last year since I quit writing.

One big change is my work and my work schedule.  I’m still working in community corrections but working in a new office. One of my favorite parts about working in my new office is everyone is more active and more health conscious.  My least favorite part about it is several people are on diets.

I’m still trying to avoid the word “diet” and prefer lifestyle change because I want to change how I eat.  People talk like they’re starving and dreaming of certain foods.  Two liquid meals and one real meal a day will help you drop weight quickly but hopefully it’s being followed up by a sustainable plan.  I don’t want to be starving and sad.

I’m not perfect but every time I decide to focus on my eating it gets a little easier.  It’s like I fall off the wagon for a bit but I don’t fall quite as far each time….if that makes sense.  For example, this time I didn’t have to go through and throw out piles of potato chips or frozen pizzas.  Some of the foods I tried from the last time I focused have become staples, hummus, stir fry veggies, and avocados for example.

My foundation is still there just needs some tweaking so that’s where the meal plans come into play.  I’ve been eating decent but starting to see some old habits, like fast food binges, creeping back into my life.  As old habits creep into my life my weight also creeps up and my energy goes down so I’m hoping tweaking my diet will help plus a multi-vitamin.

Quick note to any newcomer, my meal plans typically do not include recipes, cute containers, or shopping lists.  I’m not a big fan of cooking.  I’m not very good at cooking.  So my meal plans are for me and my skill set in the kitchen.  They’re simple but hopefully healthy.

Without further ado…the Meal Plans

Monday-I’ll do Monday next week…maybe.  Mostly trying to focus on the work week



Breakfast:  Eggs with zuchinni and spinach

Lunch:  Cube steak with broccoli

Dinner:  Stir fry veggies with noodles and sesame oil

Snacks:  Snap peas with hummus; almonds


Breakfast:  2 boiled eggs; bacon and spinach

Lunch:  Cube steak with broccoli

Dinner: Chickpeas with spinach and lemon

Snacks:  Broccoli with hummus; almonds


Breakfast:  Oatmeal w/banana

Lunch:  Pasta with spinach and cube steak

Dinner:  Leftovers

Snacks:  Crackers with gouda cheese; almonds


Breakfast:  Eggs with zucchini and spinach

Lunch:  Salad with chicken, bacon, and vinaigrette

Dinner:  Chicken, noodles, and stir fry veggies

Snacks:  Chips with hummus

I’m off to make lunch for today then boil some eggs and package up some of my snacks for the week.  I work 10 hour days, sometimes longer, so if I’m going to eat better I need to use Monday for prep.

Happy Monday!  Have a great week!


One comment

  1. Sassyfitnesschick · May 16, 2018

    Hey welcome back! Glad to see you here again! Good for you for keeping at it and making those changes 🙂


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